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Wii U review round-up, stranded in no-mans-land?

The verdict from reviewers seem to be that although the bizarre-looking Wii U is promising, it might not deliver enough in terms of value for money, yet.  

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Nintendo Wii U review, By David Pierce on The Verge 7/10

“Nintendo’s facing an unfortunate chicken-and-egg problem. Developers won’t devote the time to making their Wii U games sing unless a lot of people buy the console, and plenty of shoppers will skip over the console unless the games are great. Nintendo can’t rely on its lead-in, either: Wii sales have plummeted in the last year, falling at a much faster rate than its even-older Xbox and PlayStation competitors. The novelty factor of the Wii may have worn off, as customers demand more media features and a better gaming experience — Nintendo has to prove once again that it’s a real competitor. I don't know which future awaits the Wii U. But until it's obvious, I'm not buying one.”

Nintendo Wii U review. Does the next-gen start now? By Richard Leadbetter on Eurogamer

“What Wii U's first-party exclusives do provide, however, is a first look at how some of the greatest games designers in the world might utilise more modern hardware than we found in the original Wii, and in this respect Nintendo's new console delivers, because its first HD offerings are enjoyable, beautiful games that undoubtedly have a unique appeal to gamers of all ages. What's more, the quality of these unique, untouchable games will only get better as the Wii U matures. Nintendo is the Pixar of video games, and despite the odds stacked against the console, for many prospective buyers, that in itself will be more than enough.”

Reviewed: Nintendo's Wii U by Lou Kesten on Business Insider

"I don't expect the Wii U to make as big a splash as the original Wii did six years ago. Still, the Wii U goes all in on the multiscreen concept for a relatively inexpensive price. And in a world where people tweet on their iPads while watching sports or reality shows on their TVs, the whole GamePad concept feels perfectly natural. The Wii U's success will depend on what Nintendo and other developers do with that second screen. The early results are very promising.”

Nintendo Wii U review by Ben Gilbert on engadget

“We can't suggest buying Nintendo's Wii U just yet. It's a complex, innovative console that feels a few months short of primetime -- what's there is compelling, but its novelty will likely wear off with folks used to their consoles doubling as media centers; Nintendo promises its TVii functionality will launch next month, which could change this equation dramatically. For now, it won't hurt to wait a month or two until the stocks replenish and Nintendo finishes its launch.”

Packed with promise, Wii U still has a lot to prove on CNET

“Focusing solely on gaming, it's going to be tough to recommend the Wii U to anyone who already owns a PS3 or Xbox 360. A sizable chunk of the system's launch games are already or soon to be available on the aforementioned systems. Just like with the original Wii, first-party and exclusive titles are really where the Wii U needs to knock it out of the park in order to incentivize a console purchase.”

Wii U review by Polygon staff 6.5

“With the Wii U, Nintendo wants to retake the living rooms of America — it just doesn't seem sure how it means to do it. We are cautious and indeed, somewhat pessimistic, about what the future holds for Nintendo’s new system. With Microsoft and Sony expect to announce new, significantly more powerful systems within the next six months, Nintendo has only a short amount of time to establish the Wii U. We are concerned about its ability to be more than a box for Nintendo first-party releases. Nintendo has always delivered on that, but it's promised more, and that’s what we expect.”

Score breakdown from the Verge


What do you think? Is the Wii U an overpriced gaming gadget, or totally worth the R2 594 just for the base set?  

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