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Star Wars: The Old Republic – F2P benefits restrictions announced

More details have been announced on the upcoming conversion of free-2-play for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

For players already familiar with SWTOR, the limitations should be fairly obvious – restrictions will include things such as limited warzones, flashpoints, inventory, cargohold etc. Access to individual restricted parts of the game can be unlocked using the upcoming “Cartel Coins” virtual currency; making a purchase will also upgrade a free-2-play account to “Preferred Status” which will give the player access to the sprint ability at level 1, access to Bank slots, higher priority to login queue as well as better chat and secure trading abilities.

Of course, all this can be negated by existing players by continuing their subscription, giving them normal access as before as well as a large stipend of Cartel Coins from the start, back-dated to when accounts were active at the time of the free-2-play announcement.
For those of you who enjoy The Old Republic, maintaining your subscription would seem to make the most sense. For those who want the storyline, now it is possible to play through and enjoy the magic of Star Wars. Regardless of a full account or a free-2-play account, everyone will be able to play through their entire class, all the classes, all the way through to level 50. I’m a nutter for story, so I’m all good with that!

Thanks to Massively for the alert, check out the SWTOR comparison page, as well as the FAQ

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