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Final Stand Tournament - The Finals

In the past 2 weeks we have covered what might be the the last Modern Warfare 3 tournament of the season for console gamers before the imminent release of Black Ops 2. This tournament was thus appropriately given the name of the Final Stand tournament. Last night we were treated to the explosive action of the semi-finals and finals of the final four teams that battle their way to the top spots. 

final stand.jpg 

The first match of the evening would see team Xtaz, the team with arguably the most difficult road to the finals, take on the youthful yet resilient NBS(Nothing But Skill) team. With a decided change from the usual stream, Nick 'Holden ZA' Holden and Franco 'Dastrix550' Duncker jumped on to the mics early to shout cast the game to some eagerly awaiting viewers. We kicked off the first SnD map which would dictate the pace of the rest of the game, and that pace was in one direction as the Xtaz team steam rolled ahead, with some unbelievable accuracy and team work , the Xtaz team made quick work against their opposition. As we moved on to our second map of search and destroy, it was up to NBS to try claw back into the game but that turned out to be more easily said than done as Xtaz once again pushed their opposition down a slippery slope to which would see the end of NBS's journey. Its seemed that the defending champs were out to prove a point when we moved to our next game mode CTF(Capture The Flag)where we saw Xtaz slam the proverbial door in the face of the NBS team that would see Xtaz progress as our first finalist in the Final Stand Tournament.

Our second game was much less one sided as we would see FLS_Unleashed take on the High 5 Ozone squad in what was one the most intense match ups of the competition this far. We would turn once again to the first two rounds of Search and Destroy. The FLS_Unleashed team lived up to their name us they truly unleashed themselves on the High 5 squad, and not only beat the squad in both SnDs but steamrolled them in a 4-0 and 4-1 victory. With the total score at 2-0 it meant that the FLS team were only 1 map away from making it into our finals where as the High 5 squad had to win the 3 remaining maps in a row to try pull it back in their favor. Next we would cross over to the Capture the flag modes as we saw both teams cap and counter cap one anothers flags but somehow High 5 managed to grit their teeth and get one more flag than their opposition on both Ctf's. The teams now were deadlocked at 2 all on map count with FLS_Unleashed looking slightly more convincing on a whole, but High 5 had the momentum going into the final map, which would be Domination on bootleg. It turned out that this is where High 5 would finally pull away from their opposition as they took a convincing lead and managed to hold on to it as they won the map and progressed to the finals.

Our Final game would see the two oldest competitive Xbox360 clans take on one another it was Team Xtaz versus High 5. Xtaz walked into this game as the clear favorites as they were not only the defending champs but also had one of the most difficult roads to the finals knocking out teams like Adios la Vida and the F34R squad, both of whom are of a high competitive standard in the South African community. So at 8pm they viewers were locked in the teams were ready and we kicked off what would be one of the most exciting finals that we have ever seen. Our first map would be Search and Destroy on Arkaden, Arkaden is usually a map that is dominated by the defending team but that didn't seem to be the case as the teams were trading blow on the attack. With the scores tied at 3 all on the first map the teams were setting the tone for the rest of the game, so we came down to our last round that would see High 5 take the early lead into our Final match up. We then progressed into Hardhat where not even an hour earlier did we see High 5 go down 4-0 to Unleashed. Yet this time something changed in the High 5 squad as they tightened up their game and managed to take the win against Xtaz and propelled themselves into a 2-0 lead. 

We moved on to Ctf one the favorite modes of the Xtaz team, the game had a slow start as both teams were tied at the half way mark on the first Ctf map. Then Xtaz were struck with some bad luck as one of thier players Xtaz_Eos dropped from the game when they had a 1-0 lead. High 5 were quick to reply and took a quick flag cap but Xtaz were not going to let themselves go down that easy. With 3 players remaining they held strong and defending thier flag with amazing team work until Xtaz-Eos got back into the game, some 2 minutes later. They then regrouped and hit High 5 back hard and took the map and took the scores to 2-1. The next Ctf was on bootleg and once again these two teams locked horns and after the map was completed the two teams ended on the same amount of flag captures, so we moved to the stop watch rule(sudden death). Where we had to wait another 8 minutes before Xtaz coordinated a great push and managed to take the second map tying up the scores at 2 all! 

This was it, our final map where the teams were to face off on domination on dome. In what was one of the most epic struggles High 5 managed to end the first half with a slight lead of only 12 points! Then in the next half with one minute left on the timer Xtaz took a lead that would see them secure the title, but in an instant High 5 managed to get out of the strangle hold and regain their foothold and win the match in the final second therefor becoming the Final Stand winners of Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox360! 

32 final stand   finals.jpg

Not only will the High 5 team be walking away with the title and bragging rights, but they will be walking away with prizes sponsored by OzoneAfica, Madcatz and Megarom! This now will mark the end of the Modern Warfare 3 season for competitive console gaming under the Clan Connection and MWEB GameZone banner and we will be looking to the rising sun that is Black Ops 2 where competitive gaming will once again be moving to the next level!

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