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Understanding the Corex alliance with SA gaming

There can be no doubt that the video gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. There has, however, been one section of the industry that has always been a few miles behind the rest. Competitive gaming has always struggled to be acknowledged as a respected discipline and because of this it lacks in support from corporate sponsors. The financial sector sees gaming as only entertainment and a frivolous pass time hobby.

But the eSports landscape is changing. The watchful eye of the business sector is turning its attention and its corporate wallet towards eSports. Today I want to introduce you to one such company, meet Corex Alliance.

I caught up with Alan Lowell Spohr, the Gaming Channel Manager, for a peek into how exactly Corex views gaming, the SA community and eSports.

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What is the Corex vision?

“Corex is here to reinvent the South African Distribution channel and initiate a paradigm shift which will run hand in hand with the gaming community of South Africa. PC Gaming is a division of the Corex brand which emphasizes the requirement of performance and uniqueness that each gamer in South Africa wants. With that being said, we ensure that our services can accommodate the PC gaming community which is growing at a fairly rapid pace.”

When compared to other distributors, what are Corex offering South African gamers that are unique?

“PC gaming is a unique culture of the IT market in itself and wants the same uniqueness from the industry. We at Corex offer the gamer an ageless experience of what is here and to come, that is being enjoyed all over the world. We love the competitiveness enjoyed by all in the PC gaming culture.”

Corex prides itself in not just being a distributor, but aims to form an integral part of the SA gaming community. Can you share some of those plans with us?

“Becoming part of the community is not only about offering top quality brands, but it's about developing and being part of the current growth in the gaming community, showing an active involvement in gaming LANS such as the NAG LAN at Rage. Gaming is also about being unique and different and quite frankly "fun", so Corex has also showed the support behind developing our own local Cosplay event at rAge and we are also running an interactive Facebook and twitter experience where by any gamer of any shape and size can be involved, speak their mind, have their questions answered and be ahead with any gaming technologies.

We also show active involvement by supporting our local gaming hero’s, in fact we are currently already looking for respected teams to sponsor for future development, in the hopes to get South Africa recognized as a major player in international gaming events.”


In your opinion, what does the future hold for gaming in SA?

“It is becoming more competitive and looking where some countries are globally, I believe South Africa is very close. We will see an explosion of new gamers coming to the party with higher competitiveness and their own unique requirements. Corex is geared up for this fast pace transition and we see this culture growing stronger and bigger. Peripheral product selection is key for each gamer, the experience is to be comfortable, yet feel like you are living in the game and this will definitely play a huge role in the near future of gaming in South Africa with Corex making this available to the community.”

What have your experience been like with the local gaming and Cosplay communities?

“We are very lucky in that Corex has a number of gamers working here as well as cosplay enthusiasts, and they give us a lot of insight into these communities. It gives us an insight into how they think, their likes and dislikes, and helps with our engagement of the community at large. The communities themselves are very active, fun, and willing to tell it like it is. We thoroughly enjoy our engagements with the diverse set of people we get to interact with and they constantly help us fine tune our product offering and help us understand new and coming trends and they actually give us an edge that goes a long way to building our strategies.”    


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Closing thoughts

Companies like Corex have the power to push gaming in South Africa to the next level. Investment from corporates has been the principal component lacking in pushing eSports SA through the current stalemate it has been stuck in. Corex is surely not the only company that has been showing an interest in the local gaming community, but what I genuinely like about it is the sense of alliance one gets when dealing with them. We thank them for the interest in our community, may we do great things together.

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