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Call of Duty World Championship: Meet the SA Teams

We are just about a week away from the Call of Duty: Championship qualifiers for South Africa. The winner will see themselves with a chance of a life time; to compete in the United States against some of the best players from across the world for $1 million in prize money. Today we will be taking a look at some of the teams that will be participating in the South African qualifiers. 


South Africa's Call of Duty competitive console community has come a long way in a short period of time, where the growth of the teams and players has been increasing steadily over the past 3 years. This has been thanks to a shift is a mindset of the local players which was the result of the teams adopting a new competitive ruleset that fell into the parameters of the international competitive structure. As time has progressed we have seen teams grow in strength, players increase in numbers and spectators grow considerably. Last year was one of the biggest moments for our humbly growing community, as we saw ourselves with the opportunity to partake in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Championships. The team, Xtaz Gaming, cemented themselves in history as being the first team from South Africa to partake in an international event for competitive console Call of Duty

Now South Africa is standing at the brink of a truly monumental occasion as one of our teams will be once again sent over to the United States, to try prove to the world that we can too stand a chance at competing against some of the best players from across the world. 

Some of the teams below will now stand with that opportunity at their feet, so without further delay lets jump into the teams competing for the South African Call of Duty: Championship qualifiers. 

Team Adept

adept Banner.jpg


  • Adept Hazardz (Captain)
  • Adept Damage
  • Adept Blackout
  • Adept Jakez

Favorite Game Mode: Blitz 

Synopsis: The current squad of players from Team Adept have been playing Call of Duty together since June 2013. Since then they have managed to close out thier Black Ops 2 season by picking up the last 8 online and LAN tournaments in a row. They managed to kick start their Ghosts season in the same vein by winning MWEB’s Incredible Connection First Recon online Tournament as well as the Afrihost Invitational LAN in Johannesburg. 

Team Adept have proven themselves to be the team to beat in South Africa at the moment, they have moved from one success to the next and are going in as favorites for the qualification for the 2014 Call of Duty: Championship

"Our squad has been working towards CoD Champs 2014 for the past 4 months. Our chances are very good but anything can happen on the day." -Adept Glenn (Manager of the Adept Team) 

Follow Team Adept : Twitter | Youtube

Vnco Yellow  

Vnco Yellow.jpg


  • VnCo Swarley (Capt) 
  • VnCo Ganni 
  • VnCo Puppet 
  • Insane Tanker

Favorite Game Mode: Search and Destroy 

Synopsis: Vinco Yellow's squad has raw talent and is lead by their team captain, the very experienced Swarley, whom made it into the final four in last years qualifiers. In the qualifiers they narrowly missed out as they were knocked out by Team Xtaz, the team that eventually qualified for the Call of Duty: Championship in 2013. In recent weeks Vinco Yellow have acquired the services of Xtaz EOS to help on the coaching side and also to mentally prepare the team. Xtaz EOS was part of the squad that went over last year to participate in the Call of Duty: Championship and his experience might just prove itself to be invaluable to the teams success. Due to a late roster change, Vinco Yellow have now acquired the services of Insane Tanker as a fourth for qualifiers, a player that has proven to be one of the most talented and underrated players and leaders in COD in SA.

"We in it to WIN it" -

Clint 'The Boss' Smith (Vinco Gaming Co-Owner)

Follow Vinco Gaming Twitter | Youtube 

High 5 Gaming 



  • H5 Holden (Captain) 
  • H5 Googz 
  • H5 Dewy
  • H5 Rocky 

Favorite Game Mode: Blitz 

Synopsis: High 5 is the oldest competitive console clan in South Africa, being established all the way back in April 2007. Within the past two years the competitive team has taken a slight back seat with Holden focusing on the growth of competitive Call of Duty in South Africa. The clan believes that the time has now come to reassert their dominance by going back to their roots and reminding everybody why High 5 should be a clan to fear and respect. . With a stellar line up of players, it will be up to the squad to gel on the day, because when these boys are firing on all cylinders they are near unstoppable.  

"What we have here in this team is potential bottled up, this team can compete against the best and come out on top! " 

Franco 'Dastrix' Duncker (High 5 co-owner)

Follow High 5 Twitter | Youtube 

Grizzly Gaming 



  • Boomer ZA
  • Gainz ZA
  • RozierQ
Favorite Game Mode: Search and Destroy 

Synopsis: Grizzly Gaming is a relatively new team that was created at the beginning of the Call of Duty: Ghosts season. The team understands that they are still in the early phases of competitive but are turning some heads with their strong assault rifle gameplay and good spawn knowledge. This squad definitely want to cause an upset and is looking to do so. If there were ever a wildcard team, then it would be Grizzly Gaming. 

 "Good chance to make top 8" - Moses 

Follow Grizzly Gaming: Twitter 

Sector 17



  • Sector Spike
  • Sector Wolfie
  • Sector Sauce
  • xxNavy Boyxx

Favorite Game Mode: Search and Destroy

Synopsis:  Sector 17 have been extremely active in the most recent of online tournaments, where they have managed to pull some unexpected wins out of the bag. They have a team full of committed players that have been putting in some hard hours in preparation for the Call of Duty: Championship qualifiers. As a squad they are ready to take on all opposition as they are not afraid of any of their opponents. Clan leader Sector Coach, currently residing in the United States, competed in last weekend's second USA regional qualifications where he came up against some stiff competition. He stated that the opposition and caliber of player overseas will be difficult to compete against. With experience on their side Sector 17 is going in with a no holds bar attitude that might just see them take the title.  

We have nothing to lose in the upcoming qualifications  but be assured you will be in for a ride if you underestimate us! - Coach Yankovsky 

Follow Sector 17: Twitter | Youtube 

Team Agency 


  • Agent Metalslug
  • Spector 
  • Rocknrollah
  • Agent Tbad
Favorite Game Mode: Domination

Synopsis: Team Agency is comprised of players that are out to prove a point, and they have managed to do so in recent months. This was done when the team managed to show that on LAN they are not to be a teamed to be reckoned with as they managed to give High 5 a run for their money and even knocked Vnco Yellow to the losers bracket. In team Agency you will find a squad for of fun yet dangerously competitive players, these boys should be able to do some heavy damage in the qualifiers if they manage to perform on the night. 

"We are a newly formed team and I am proud to play with these bunch of guys competitively." - 

Agent Tbad

Follow Agency Gaming: Twitter

Vinco Black 

Vnco Black.jpg 


  • VnCo Kai
  • VnCo Fbi23
  • VnCo Zela
  • VnCo Oreo
Favorite Game Mode: Search and Destroy 

Synopsis: Vinco Black is the team that many of the big teams are worried about. It is all about how this squad feels on the day as they have one of the best line ups in South Africa. With VnCo Oreo having insane reaction skills, Fbi23 and Zela being extremely clutch in SnD as well as Zela being really good Blitz player. The Vinco Black squad manage to show exactly how dangerous they were on lan and now are ready to translate that to the online platform. If these boys are on from for the night, they will not be taken down easily. 

"We should yolo half the time" - Vinco FBi

Follow Vinco Gaming Twitter | Youtube 

That concludes our look at some of the South African team that are going to be attempting to qualify for the Call of Duty:Championship. Who do you think will take the tiltle? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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