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In an recent attempt to control overseas players coming in to our local servers and causing a ruckus, we installed a country-specific filter in a whitelist approach to filter out players from the outside world while keeping the locals happy. As some of you may know, this has caused a problem with certain players located within South Africa from being able join the servers, due to their IP addresses being flagged as being either "unknown" or simply not on the list of allowed countries. We've attempted to adjust the country filter to allow those affected players, but so far those attempts have been unsuccessful.

We've taken a new approach to the country in the way that it handles blocks: it has now been set to a blacklist approach, so countries on the list will not be allowed to join the server, rather than counties are on the list can only join. The blacklist is pretty large and is growing, as countries are added.

We've also added a new server with new hardware to test the 64-player lag issue, and are asking players to test and provide feedback. Since the current flavour is Metro, Metro, Metro and nothing but Metro - this is a Metro CQ server, 300% ticket count (that's over a thousand tickets). The connection info for this little one is here

Your feedback is encouraged and is appreciated!

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