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Review: Superfrog HD – Toadally not worth it

by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)  Posted Friday, July 25, 2014 12:16:00 PM


Superfrog HD has recently leaped onto the mobile gaming market after being out on the PC and PlayStation for more than a year. The port to Android has not been so kind for our supernatural prince, as the side-scrolling, 2D platformer is just so much better on other platforms that it is “toadally” not worth buying on a mobile device.

The story – A traditional fairy tale

The basis of the story is as traditional a fairy tale as one can possibly imagine, as a handsome prince is turned into a frog. The prince is turned by a jealous which who kidnaps our hero’s bride and runs off with her.  

Image 1.jpg

Determined to find his lost love and defeat the evil witch, the prince stumbles upon a magical potion that gives him amazing powers, tools to overcome all odds and rescue his beloved princess.

Throughout his adventures, our little green hero must traverse and explore six unique worlds through 24 levels in order to save the day, rescue the princess and beat down the jealous witch. In Superfrog HD, this is easier said than done, not due to the game being difficult, but because of horrible touch screen controls.  

Gameplay and controls – Touch screen controls that makes you want to croak

The gameplay revolves around picking up a plethora of collectables, ranging from coins to bananas as you jump throughout the levels. The goal however is simple; you need to make it to the end of the level, marked with a door that has an exit sign, before the time runs out.

Image 2.jpg

Running and jumping throughout the levels our slimy prince will come across power-ups to boost his magical prowess even further. Wings will make him glide through the air with the repeated tap of the jump button, while my favorite power-up remains “Spud”, a little green frog that you can throw at your enemies from a safe distance.  

Image 3.jpg  

Difficult jumps need to be made from time to time, where you need to be accurate or risk falling into some spikes on the ground or running into enemies. On a console or even on PC, if failure occurs it is most likely the fault of the player. Superfrog HD on mobile devices is a different story all together. The controls are unresponsive and simply do not work well enough to make gameplay fun.

As I jumped around picking up coins, the forward and backward buttons would lag behind what I wanted to do, while the high jump, which is achieved by touching the jump button for a longer period of time would simply not work in more than 50% of my attempts. This frustration coming from touch screen, unresponsive controls makes the game infuriating to play, as not once during my time reviewing the game did I actually look forward to playing it again, even though I did enjoy the cartoonish graphics.

Graphics and sound – Beautiful cartoonish graphics with some flaws

From a graphical standpoint, Superfrog HD is beautiful, colorful and has a brilliant cartoonish style. The levels are packed to the brim with vivid colors and decent character animations. The best animations come in the form of the prince himself, as you can see him smirk in full detail, full of attitude and confidence.  

Image 4.jpg

Unfortunately, enemies tend to blend into the backgrounds with ease, while traps such as spikes do not stand out well enough. It seems as if the design decision by developers, Team 17, was to rather make the game look as beautiful as possible at the expense of communicating vital gameplay information to the player.

Image 5.jpg

The music and sound effects are nice enough, yet it sometimes border on annoying. Team 17 has done one thing right in Superfrog HD in terms of sound, which is to remove the constant ribbiting that used to play with each and every single jump on the original.

Superfrog HD is not the most beautiful game I have played on a mobile gaming device nor does it have the best audio quality I have experienced, yet in the graphics and sound department it is still a decent game.

Closing Thoughts

I was excited to try out Superfrog HD on my mobile gaming device as I loved the original and the Superfrog HD version on PC, yet it was a disappointing experience on my tablet.

Superfrog HD is simply put not fun to play, as it suffers from poor controls that will infuriate even the most patient of gamers at some point. The graphics and sound is decent, yet I feel as if there is no reason to actually play it on a mobile gaming device while you can simply choose a console or PC for almost the same price.


Superfrog HD has been recently released for Android and iOS. The game costs R30 to download and can be found on the Playstore here and iTunes here. At the time of writing, it is on a special discounted price of R10 on the Playstore, so if you feel like grabbing Superfrog HD for your mobile device, now would be the time to do so.  

It requires a small download of around 33mb as well as Android OS version 2.3.3 and up, so it works on a wide variety of devices. During my time with the game I used my Nexa Orion 10.1, a powerful yet affordable Quad Core 10 Inch Tablet to jump my way through this disappointing

Score: 5/10

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