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Angry Birds Epic Releases - Lead your flock to adventure

by Zaid Kriel (Zaid)  Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2014 7:47:00 AM

Last week Rovio announced the soft launch of their latest Angry Bird game, Angry Birds Epic, an RPG interpretation of their phenomenally successful mobile game. And yeah. it looks pretty damned good.


Coinciding with Angry Birds Epic's soft launch for iOS devices in Canada, Australia and New Zealand yesterday - with a broader international roll out to happen later - Rovio have debuted a brief gameplay trailer that really shows off the game's RPG ambitions. Judging from that short snippet, it would appear that Rovio are on the right track with game.

The game appears to place it's action in a medieval-themed world, which is typical for an RPG. The various kinds of birds from the standard game appear to each represent a different character class. The signature red birds, for example, look to be knights, while yellow birds are mages. Being an Angry Birds game, the villains of the piece are obviously the notorious pigs who seems to be have taken on the mantle of pirates. As brief as the trailer is, it does show that the characters will be able to swop out their equipment, that various attacks will be available and that combat will indeed be turnbased, in old-school RPG style.

According to Youtuber, DJFeel, who has upped a review of the game, it seems that the game is currently available for free and that by simply switching your location in your iTunes setting to one of the soft launch countries can net you the game right now. As revealed in the review, the game also allows for forging of new equipment from loot gather post-combat, which is reminiscent of MineCraft, apparently. By DJFeel's estimation, the game appears to fairly deep combat and an engaging narrative. aspect which may well surprise the typical mobile gamer.

Check out his review below.

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