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Top 5 Multiplayer Android Games

by Johan Heymans (Zaphire)  Posted Wednesday, December 18, 2013 10:50:00 AM

You no longer need fancy computers to get a "LAN" going as Android is taking mobile gaming to the next level with its WiFi capabilities and mind blowing games. I got together with a few friends of mine and we tested out some games together to see which can give that excitement that PC games do.

Also note that we played this on different platforms where some had Samsung Galaxy S3 and others had Samsung Tablets.

Mini Motor Racing

Similar to your favorite remote-controlled car racing game this really well designed game will let you and up to 3 other friends race, bump and boost each other across the finish line. The graphics are amazing and the driving mechanics are really well designed giving you some of the best racing experiences.

It had to be the bumping, sliding and crashes that made this game's multiplayer something really amazing especially when there are 4 of you racing at the same time!

Download: here
Price: R10


  • Excellent and simple driving controls
  • Up to 4 players over WiFi
  • 100+ single player races
  • Modify your cars
  • Unlock more cars
  • Themed tracks and cars from games like Fruit Ninja
  • Stunning 3D graphics

Ice Rage

Bashing each others heads with a hockey stick whilst trying to score a goal with this intense 2-man team hockey. Each side has 1 keeper and 1 player and the aim of the game is to score the most goals but you are also allowed to hit your opponent off his feet!

You will soon find yourself challenging your friends and foes at Ice Rage as it offers 2-players on a single device.

Downloads: Free Version, Paid Version

Prices: Free or R22


  • Single-device multiplayer for 2 people
  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Custom characters
  • 3 single player modes

Bowling Online 3D

I have come across many Bowling games and not one had the nice physics, graphics and ball movement that this one offers and that is regardless of the fact that it offers hotseat multiplayer (make turns on a single device) as well as online multiplayer.

A really stunning and straight forward bowling game.

Download: here
Price: Free


  • Online competition with real players
  • Online with friends
  • Hotseat multiplayer
  • Chat with opponent in online game
  • Good physics
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Various tracks, balls and pins


You could say that this is the 2D version of Minecraft but it gives you a different experience altogether and in my opinion would be easier for some to play on mobile phones due to the tricky controls that 3D games offer.

Have up to 4 friends join each other WiFi and get building your dream 2D house!

Downloads: Free Version, Paid Version

Price: Free or R54


  • Up to 4 players over WiFi
  • 200+ crafting recipes
  • 75+ monsters
  • 25+ block types
  • Amazing 2D graphics

easySoccer Free

A very basic top down 2D soccer game for a bunch of friends to host a local soccer tournament between each other and have some funny moments as the soccer players in the game like bunching up into one spot to create some moments to remember.

Controls are smooth, might lack a bit of a sprint functionality but overall a enjoyable game with its added multipalyer.

Download: here
Price: Free


  • 2-player over Bluetooth
  • Decent 2D graphics
  • Smooth movement over both single player and multiplayer
  • National and club teams
  • Simple controls

Tell us about your top multiplayer android games that you have played with friends.


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