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VoIP 300 minutes

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VoIP 300 minutes


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Promotion includes free installation, router and discounted rates for the first 5months (150 days).  The subscription will be discounted by 25% for the first 5 months. Promotion only available in selected areas. Promotion is subject to the product remaining active for 12 months.  If you cancel within this time you will be charged the value of the installation and router at the time of cancellation.  Offer is subject to credit vetting and while stocks last. Offer available only for new installations to the Octotel network. Mweb reserves the right to enforce its Acceptable Use Policy.  The promotion is issued at Mweb's sole discretion and Mweb is entitled at any time to withdraw, cancel or change a promotion for any reason. Limited to one product per customer.  Mweb reserves the right to remove this offer at any time before the promotion ends.
As you complete the check- out process, ensure your installation address (the address where you want to have Fibre installed) is fully and accurately completed and that all required fields are entered. This will ensure that the order process flows as smoothly as possible.
Once you have placed your order and your order has been confirmed by Mweb you will be sent log in details to your online Mweb account. Once received use these details to login and track your order status by selecting the “orders tab”. Stages and the status of your order, including timing, are detailed here. If you want to read more about the full process visit the Mweb Help center/ Fibre section
Average time for installation for orders placed is 14 working days, depending on availability. Pre – orders take longer depending on the Fibre infrastructure provider roll out
It takes between 3 and 5 working days after installation has been completed for your product to go active. You are only billed for product usage from when the product is active. Track your order online and look out for Emails and SMS’s that tell you your product is active.
Payment will be collected within five days of a new product being activated. If the product is activated after the 26th of the month, the first payment will include the pro-rata amount for that month, as well as the full amount for the following month. After that, payment will be collected on the last working day of each month. If you have signed up for any hardware or elected to pay the installation fee, these fees get collected immediately.
If you sign-up for a new product halfway through a month, you’ll only be billed for the days in that month that your new product is active.
Your statement shows you all of the payment-related interactions on your account for the past six months. You can access this via your online Mweb Account.

1Gbps/100Mbps Uncapped Fibre

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Upload 100Mbps

Stream with no limits
Entertain, game, work & study
No contract
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Selected areas, get 25% off the first 5 months. Sign up in August!

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Zyxel EMG3525 FTTH Router



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R1 725


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R2 424


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VoIP 300 minutes
Save costs on calls made over the Internet
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