Top 5 Android mobile security apps

Published on Thursday, February 06, 2014 6:23:00 PM

Are you looking to make your phone as secure as possible? Here are some great apps for you to try out.


Protecting your Internet connection and computer with trustworthy antivirus security is one thing, but your mobile device is another kettle of fish. Securing your mobile device from intruders and viruses becomes more and more important each year. After reading the frightening report on hacking predictions for 2014 and beyond I tried to make my phone as secure as possible with these five Applications (Apps).


AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus

My personal favorite for a mobile Antivirus App, AVAST Mobile Security and Antivirus is a trusted App used by a multitude of people that is continuously updated to keep your mobile device safe from malware, spyware and viruses. Let us take a look at some of the key features included in this free App.

Image 1.jpg


Antivirus Engine: Scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically upon first use. Schedule automatic scans for when you sleep. Includes SMS/file scanning, for complete mobile security.

Privacy Report & Apps Manager: Get insights about installed apps and understand your apps’ access rights and intentions.

SMS/Call Filtering: Retain your privacy with. Block numbers you don’t want to be able contact you.

Web Shield: Blocks malware-infected links (for safe web browsing) and even USSD numbers (which have the ability to wipe your device memory). Also fixes mistyped URLs.

Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.

Firewall (rooted devices only): Block hackers from getting in.

App Locking: Lock any 2 apps with PIN/gesture (unlimited in Premium).

Backup: Allows backup of contacts, SMS/call logs, and photos (Premium version provides backup of music, video, and apps).

Control your Android remotely via a web-based interface or SMS

Locate your phone on a map.

Lock device, activate siren, or wipe memory to keep your private data safe.

Get notification of a SIM card change.

Additional Information:

Price: Free (Has a premium option with even more features) 

Android Version requirement: 2.1 and up

Download Size: 8.8mb

Read more and download the App here: Google Playstore Link

mSecure - Password Manager

With mSecure you can have peace of mind that your credit card details, bank accounts and passwords are safe even if your phone is stolen or lost. Even though the App is a bit pricey, password security has become so important that I would recommend it to anyone as it is in my opinion by far the best password manager out there. Let us take a look at some of the key features included in this App.

Image 2.jpg


mSecure uses ultra-secure 256bit Blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. 

Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes

Password Generator to create un-guessable passwords

Sync Everywhere cloud data protection architecture not dependent on security of cloud service. 

Auto-backup to SD Card and Email backup to keep data safe

Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password

Sensitive fields are optionally masked from prying eyes

Nineteen standard templates (3 NEW Templates) for fast data entry with the ability to create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields

Over 270 icons to personalize your records

Integrated search and collapsible section headers

Sort by Name, Type and Modified Date (NEW)

Two panel landscape support for Tablets (NEW) greater than 6 inches

Groups to categorize your records

Mark any record as a favorite for fast access

Sharing of records via email, SMS or clipboard

mSecure supports Dropbox cloud services to synchronize your data between your mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers.

Additional Information:

Price: R111.72

Android Version requirement: 2.1 and up

Download Size: 8.6mb

Read more and download the App here: Google Playstore Link

MySafeApp Pro

MySafeApp Pro’s mantra is “Everybody has something to hide” and that is completely true! With this App you can safely store videos, photos, documents and passwords in your own virtual vault, keeping your data safe from intruders and even annoying relatives tinkering with your mobile device! Let us take a look at some of the key features included in this App.

Image 3.jpg


For my eyes only - secure private pictures and videos, avoid scandals and embarrassments

Intruder alert – know who is tampering with your device.

File manager - manage files and folders - delete, rename, move and create new folders

Full-screen viewing of all data

Picture slideshow

Search and sort files, folders and passwords.

Pin or password login

Wipe data: If you put it to "ON" then after a number of invalid attempts on the app, it will delete all stored data. This makes it ultra safe.

USB Connect (use iTunes for iPhones and iPads): Connect your device to your PC or Mac via USB or iTunes, copy and paste files and folders from your Mac or PC into MySafeApp folder showing up on the PC.

Gallery Lock: To lock a file or folder and make it inaccessible to an intruder even when he connects your device to a Computer via USB, long press on the file or folder and the menu will show up, select lock or unlock as the case may be. 

Password Manager: Unlimited storage, no limit on the number of passwords records you can store. this is similar to BBM password keeper.

MySafeApp clearly has an edge over others like: super manager, androxplorer, msecure, awallet, universal, safe in cloud, splashid safe.

Tags: hide pictures, hide photos, photo lock, gallery lock, photo vault, password manager, vault, hide video, hide movies, file manager, secure data, safe app, keeper

Additional Information:

Price: R10.96

Android Version requirement: 2.2 and up

Download Size: 2.2mb

Read more and download the App here: Google Playstore Link

Phone Locator PRO - MobiUcare

This Pro version of MobiUcare has a wealth of features to help you find your phone when it is lost, misplaced or stolen.  Ever dropped your phone when out and about? Well I have and Phone Locator Pro has helped me find my phone again on more than one occasion. Let us take a look at some of the key features included in this App.

Image 4.jpg


You can log in using existing Google account of your AndroidSIM card change notification

Accurate phone locator


Screen lock with lost message 

Wipe out SD card 

Reset to factory setting

Take a picture from your lost phone 

Record audio from remote 

Toggle GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth remotely

Backup call log & SMS

Push a message to phone

Control phone via SMSProtect removal of app using password

Hide this app from app drawer (no one can find this app)VERY LOW resource usageEASY setup

Additional Information:

Price: R41.12

Android Version requirement: 2.2 and up

Download Size: 1.1mb

Read more and download the App here: Google Playstore Link

Titanium Backup PRO

Titanium Backup PRO aims to back up data for just about every App you have. This App is my personal favorite because it is lightweight, powerful and I have never had any issues with it at all. If all the other Apps do not stop an intruder or a virus from wiping your data, you can rest assured that Titanium Backup PRO will be able to recover it. Let us take a look at some of the key features included in this App.

Image 5.jpg


Multiple backups per app

0-click batch restore

Backup/restore SMS,MMS,calls,bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML

Multi-user support for some apps! (eg: games)

Batch verification

Backup apps without closing them!

Create your own containing apps+data!

Restore individual apps+data from non-root ADB backups!

Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!

Restore individual apps+data from TWRP backups!

Hypershell speed

Migrate system data across different ROMs

Market Doctor (relink apps to Market)

"Destroy all Market links" feature

Apps freezer (incl. batch support)

Market "auto updating" manager

Convert user apps <=> system apps

TB Web Server: download/upload your backups as a single ZIP on your computer

Load/Save a Filter and use it in Widgets/Schedules

Change the device's Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset

Protect backup against deletion

Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and import it in 1 click

Backup→Verify→Un-install an app in one shot

Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click

CSV export any app DB (e-mail or Google Docs)

Brand the app with your name

Bloatware Melter (experimental)

Convert app data to/from faster WAL DB format

Additional Information:

Price: R70.53

Android Version requirement: 1.5 and up

Download Size: Less than 1mb

Read more and download the App here: Google Playstore Link

Free Version: Google Playstore Link

Closing Thoughts

I personally use all of these applications to secure my mobile device. In times where information theft is a massive problem for both companies and individual users, securing your mobile device is of utmost importance and I believe these apps will help accomplish just that.

Have you used any of these apps? Tell us about your experience with these Apps. Are there any other security apps that you would recommend? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Google PlayStore

By Wessel ‘Sillicur’ Minnie

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