Fast-growing MWEB Fon network hits milestone

Published on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 11:41:00 AM

Over 2,000 MWEB ADSL customers are already becoming Fon hotspots around SA and connecting to 12 million Fon-spots globally.


Fon, a global WiFi hotspot service that launched locally through an exclusive partnership with MWEB on 16 January 2014, is currently exploding into the SA market, with over 2,000 Fon WiFi hotspots already active. And with orders placed for almost 7,000 routers since launch, this number is expected to climb quickly.

MWEB has experienced overwhelming demand for its new Fon package since launching the new WiFi product in mid-January to new and existing ADSL customers. “Ten days after launching, we hit the 1,200 mark, which was an impressive milestone so soon after the launch of the product and today we hit the 2,000 mark. It is indicative that South Africans are embracing this new offering.” says Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB. 

MWEB’s global partner Fon last week announced to the international media that it currently has 12-million users globally and expected to broaden the network to 35-million users by 2016. With its crowdsourced approach of converting existing WiFi hotspots into community hotspots, Fon is providing near ubiquitous WiFi coverage in some countries. In the UK, France and Belgium, more than 10% of households have a Fon hotspot, and Japan and Brazil are catching up too. Fon has calculated that it has significant coverage in more than 1,000 major cities, making Fon the world’s largest WiFi operator in municipalities.

Fon is merely one aspect of the wider MWEB WiFi network. Worried about your bandwidth, privacy and security while sharing your WiFi connection? Our dedicated site will address all your concerns.

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