Stefan Van Der Spuy

No, brunch by 11, go home at 2 and have a little siesta. I can live with that,

Why Sweden is moving to a six-hour working day - 45 hours ago.


how can you expect them to reach the top when there main interest is to plunder the company and this mind set stem from...more

Transformation faltering as number of black SA CEOs declines - report - 66 hours ago.

Desmond Kurz

Where were you trying to use it? Were trying to connect to @MWEBFon or somthing else?

What is FON? - 112 hours ago.

Ransom was paid for SA pirate hostages

Ransom was paid for SA pirate hostages

An investigation by international news network Aljazeera has revealed for the first time how a ransom was paid for Italian-South African hostage Bruno Pelizzari and his South African girlfriend, Debbie Calitz.

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