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Choose MWEB Small Business to connect with your customers

Introducing our new connectivity and bundle packages specially designed for the Small Business owner

Gamers, online-video-watchers, VoIP callers, and uploaders and downloaders this is the deal for you.

  • ***Uncapped WiFi at MWEB WiFi Hotspots
  • **Plus 10GB Night Time Data
  • Month-to-month, no contract

This deal is ideal if you need connectivity solution without restrictions, but that also prioritises business data.

  • Free Uncapped Website Hosting Lite for 1 year
  • 300MB free WiFi at MWEB ready hotspots
  • 2GB Mailbox
Good value

If you're a business with up to 2 employees who are browsing, emailing, downloading and uploading files, and making VoIP calls, say hello to your perfect match.

  • MWEB's Tier 1 ISP network offers high levels of redundancy
  • Free Uncapped Website Hosting Lite for 1 year
  • Technical support

Business Online Packages Core

R388per month

Business Online Package
Core Package

Get your business connected the cost-effective way with this deal that includes Uncapped ADSL Data and Line rental.

  • 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL Connectivity
  • Website hosting with a Website Builder
  • Advertising exposure on

Video interview with Entrepreneur Barbara Kuehnemann

Like most entrepreneurs, Barbara Kuehnemann was never one to run with the herd. So when she opened her own business, a toy store called Greenbusters, it was inevitably one with a twist. It's a small, specialised shop that offers unique toys - think boutique store for kids - that's expanded to three branches thanks to demand. You won't find mass-produced, cookie-cutter trinkets at her store, but rather sturdy, well-crafted toys. Barbara intricately understands her customers' needs, whether they be parents or the kids themselves, and prioritises service delivery above all else, while also ensuring her staff members are properly trained. The business is kept shipshape and the results speak for themselves.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions apply: Prices include VAT. Data Only pricing excludes all line rentals. Data + ADSL Line pricing includes ADSL line rental but excludes voice line rental. 5GB ADSL is hard capped, and an ADSL booster can be purchased when the cap is reached. 5GB DStv movie data pm and 5 Free Movies (once off) are available to new customers who select the 5GB Data Only and 5GB All Inclusive products. Line speeds quoted are best effort and represent "up to" speeds. Uncapped Website Hosting Lite is free for the first year only.

**The amount of Free night time data is equal to the size of your current data cap. Night time data period is 00:00 to 06:00 daily. Free data is available for the promotional period only. This promotion is available till the 15th August 2014. Usage over your night time data allocation and standard data allocation may attract OOB usage charges depending on your billing plan.

***Uncapped WiFi for qualifying ADSL products when you purchase a Fon enabled router.

Why choose MWEB for your Small Business?

We offer connectivity packages specially designed for the small business owner.

Take an all inclusive option and we will manage your line for you while you concentrate on growing your business.

Business Online Packages

Hassle Free Line Rental for your Small Business

Let us manage your Telkom ADSL line for you while you build up your Business

We deal with Telkom for you with your ADSL related issues.

All you need to do is build your own MWEB package and choose one of the following options:

  • Add a new ADSL line or
  • Transfer your existing line to MWEB

Build your own Small Business ADSL package
Small Business ADSL all inclusive
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