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Get Premium Uncapped ADSL

Get access to the world’s largest WiFi network! Simply sign up for MWEB Premium Uncapped ADSL and you’ll get the new Fon-enabled router for free*. Existing MWEB ADSL customers can click here to get the free WiFi router and the added benefit of Uncapped WiFi.

Line Speed*
Used For
Data Only*
Data + Line*
Free Router
For users wanting to browse, email, social network and enjoy their internet experience.

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R199 pm
R339 pm
Free Router
For users wanting to browse, social network, download and upload photos, stream video, and make VoIP calls.

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R369 pm
R509 pm
Free Router
Advanced users, who want to transfer or download larger files, game online, stream video and make VoIP calls.

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R539 pm
R769 pm
Free Router
For users who need a fast connection but cannot reach full capacity on their 10Mbps line speed. Suitable for browsing the internet and users wanting to email or do social networking without the need to do heavy downloads or uploads.

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R699 pm
R1059 pm
Free Router
High end users looking for top speeds to download and upload large attachments, game, stream video or watch TV on demand.

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R999 pm
R1359 pm
Terms and Conditions
*T&Cs apply. Prices include VAT. Data Only pricing excludes all line rentals. Data + ADSL Line pricing includes ADSL line rental but excludes voice line rental. Line speeds quoted are best effort and represent "up to" speeds. MWEB reserves the right to enforce its Acceptable Use Policy.  Uncapped Website Hosting Lite is free for the first year only. This free router promotion is limited to one per customer account while stocks last.