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Wireless Link Rental

This outdoor wireless high-speed point-to-point offering operating in the unlicensed spectrum enables customers within a specified WiFi coverage area to connect to the MWEB network – without needing a traditional telecommunications line. Due to the nature of the Uncapped Wireless link operating in the unlicensed spectrum is a best effort service and subject to interference

Pricing on request

Features & benefits

  • Using a high-speed wireless link to connect offices, branches and other locations to each other via the MWEB Data Centre, is both cost-effective and fast to implement.
  • You can choose your line speed in in various increments anything between 64K up to 300 Mbps. MWEB Business can also provide Internet connectivity for an additional fee.
  • The technology acts as an ideal failover offering in that it requires no copper for installation, which means you are not affected by copper theft.
  • Wireless Link Rental includes free site inspection. Provided you are in the coverage area the offering includes hardware, cabling, brackets and a one-year equipment warranty, and installation rates are among the lowest in the market.

How does it work?

  • Site inspection and installation is relatively easy (site inspection to verify line of site required), compared to anything up to six months for a telecommunication line option.
  • The solution is installed and configured at your premises by MWEB Business partner.The Wireless link offering will connect you via WiFi to the MWEB Data centre, from where you will be routed accordingly.
Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions apply. Subject to signing a 12 months or 24 month contract. A setup fee is required to install this product. All prices include VAT. Click here to view full terms and conditions