When will the group stages of the competition be played?

The group stages will kick off on the 6th of September and finish on the 14th of September

How will we receive our fixtures?

Fixtures will be e-mailed to the leader of the team. The fixture list will include an indication of who is hosting the game.

How do we organize our games?

Teams can contact one another using our forum, where we have set up the groups for all teams to arrange their matches. (http://forums.mweb.co.za/viewforum.php?f=224) We will also be setting up Skype groups with the leaders to talk directly to one another.

When will the 8 invited teams play?

The 8 invited teams will start play on the 15th of September, where they will take on the 8 teams that qualified through group play in a double elimination bracket.

If I have a problem with my opponent or a general query, how do I receive help?

All team captains will be added on Skype. Teams can send their problem/s directly to the admin.

Who will qualify for the LAN in Cape Town?

Only the top 4 teams of the double elimination bracket will qualify for the LAN in Cape Town. The qualifying 4 teams need to make their way down to Cape Town to compete in the LAN finals in the MWEB auditorium.

If we qualify for the finals, what must we bring?

Consoles and screens will be provided. Players must bring their own headsets, controllers and a copy of the game. In addition to this we request that players bring a copy of their ID and a letter confirming their banking details. Players under 18 should also bring a parental consent letter, clearly stating permission to take part in the LAN finals.


General Settings

  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Field Orders: Disabled
  • Loadout Restrictions: None

Banned Weapons

  •  Riot Shield
  • All Marksman Rifles
  • Secondary Launchers
  • MSBS
  • Maverick/A2
  • Ameli Light Machine Gun
  • M27-IAR Light Machine Gun
  • LSAT Light Machine Gun
  • Bulldog Shotgun
  • Gold PDW and Knife

Banned Attachments

  • Tracker Sight
  • Burst Fire
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Akimbo
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Burst Fire

Banned Tacticals

  • Thermobaric
  • Motion Sensor
  • 9-Bang
  • Banned Lethals
  • C4
  • I.E.D
  • Canister Bomb

Banned Perks

  • Danger Close
  • Deadeye
  • Gambler
  • Recon
  • Amplify
  • Ping
  • Stalker
  • Extra Tactical
  • Extra Lethal

Banned Uniforms

  • Ghillie Suit
  • Extinction Medic with Gender: Female
  • Extinction Engineer with Gender: Female
  • Extinction Tank with Gender: Female
  • Extinction Specialist with Gender: Female

Banned Kill Streaks

  • All Assault
  • All Support (Specialists is allowed, but players must not use any of the banned perks in your specialist loadout.)


Time Limit: 5 Minutes

  • (After one side is of one map is done teams will flip sides and add first sides scores and second side scores.)
  • Score Limit: Unlimited
  • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds


  • Domination – Freight
  • Domination – Octane
  • Domination – Sovereign
  • Domination – Strikezone


Time Limit: 5 Minutes

  • Score Limit: Unlimited
  • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds


  • Blitz – Freight
  • Blitz – Octane
  • Blitz – Warhawk

Search and Destroy

Score Limit: 6

  • Round Length: 1.5 Minutes
  • Plant Time: 5 Seconds
  • Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
  • Round Switch: Every Round


  • Search and Destroy - Freight
  • Search and Destroy - Octane
  • Search and Destroy - Sovereign
  • Search and Destroy - Warhawk
  • Search and Destroy - Strikezone

Gameplay play

  1. All Matches will be best of 5 Games.

  2. Using any Restricted Item listed above will result in a forfeit of the game, or a forfeit of the Search and Destroy round(s) in which the Restricted Item was used.

  3. We highly recommend that all players appear offline and set their Friends List to Private during the matches. However, players are not required to do either of these things.

  4. After a game lobby has been created, only players on the two teams and MWEB GameZone Staff members may be invited/join. If a player who is not a registered member of one of the teams (ineligible player) joins a game, the game must be ended. If a player is found to have invited an ineligible player to a game, they will forfeit the game. Teams may organize neutral hosts before the game. A lag test must be completed to ensure both teams can play fairly on the line. If both team captains agree to allow spectators/neutral host, then it will be accepted.

  5. If a player lags out of a game during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill, the game must be restarted. If a player lags out of a game after the first 30 seconds or after the first kill, the game must continue and the player who lagged out may rejoin the game. If all players on a team lag out, that team will forfeit the game.

  6. If a player lags out of a search and destroy game, the current round must be completed. After that round has been completed, the game must be ended. It is the responsibility of the shorthanded team to end or leave the game before the start of the next round. Rounds that are played while a team is shorthanded will be counted. After a game is ended, the shorthanded team will be given 5 minutes for their teammate to return before they must start another round shorthanded. When the game resumes, the score will be as it was when the game was ended and the teams will be set to begin the next round from the proper sides. For example, if Team A was leading 1 point to 0 when a player on Team B lagged out, and round 2 was won by Team A, the game would resume with Team A leading 2 points to 0.

  7. Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of a Map, Match, or Ban from MWEB Gamezone Tournaments. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. In addition, breaking any rule may result in a forfeit of a Round/Map, forfeit of a Match, Verbal Warning or Ban from MWEB GameZone.

  8. Online Tournament Staff reserve the right to stream any match in this tournament. If your team's match is chosen, you are to cooperate fully with the staff that are in your match. Any community casters that join are not to be kicked from the room for any reason.

  9. If a game should tie, it must be replayed.

  10. For all Domination Games, two 5-minute rounds must be played, with teams switching sides after the first Round. After the second round, the scores from both rounds must be added together, and the team with the highest total points will win the Game

  11. Intentionally blocking a Blitz Objective Zone while one or more stories above or below the Goal will result in a forfeit of the game.

  12. Opening the mid-Map Care Package on Blitz - Octane will result in a forfeit of the game.

  13. No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the Match’s first game has begun.

  14. If a match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official scores. No warm-ups, or practices between teams are allowed during Online Tournament play.

  15. Teams must have at least three players present in order to start a game. A team will forfeit the Match if they don’t have at least three players present by 15 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period). Teams that played a previous game(s) in a Match will forfeit the Match if they don’t have at least three players present by ten minutes after the conclusion of the previous game (Grace Period). Teams with three players present will be forced to start a game at the end of a Grace Period. Bots are not permitted in any game. If Teams that are scheduled to play each other both forfeit a game or Match, the higher seeded team will be awarded the Game/Match win

  16. For any allegations of cheating, wrong weapons used, glitching, etc., you must immediately submit a Ticket along with your proof of the accusation. Glitching accusations must be supported by video proof. Video proof can be edited to include only the section where the offense takes place; however, the video MUST include the score screen at one point.

  17. Teams may delay a Match between games for up to ten minutes.

  18. If the Host incorrectly ends a game, their team may forfeit the game.

  19. Users are allow to use party chat during games.