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About MWEB WiFi

How do I get access to MWEB WiFi?

MWEB WiFi is available through 2 options.

As an MWEB ADSL customer, with a Fon–enabled router, you can use your home connection out of home and get Free WiFi* in a range of MWEB Approved WiFi hotspots, including

  • 13 million Fon hotspots worldwide
  • 25 000 local Fon hotspots
  • MWEB Approved WiFi hotspots

With a Fon-enabled router, you are able to enjoy Free WiFi* in these hotspots.

How does it work

Using your in home connection, out of home

How does it work

ADSL at home is great – it offers a great experience and is reliable. MWEB now gives you the opportunity to further use your in home ADSL connection out of home, by connecting to MWEB WiFi hotspots when you are out of home.

The MWEB WiFi router is Fon-enabled, meaning that it has 2 separate networks, one private just for you and one shared for other Fon network members.

This allows you to safely share a portion of WiFi with others and in return, they share their WiFi with you. All these WiFi hotspots together create a crowd-sourced WiFi network where everyone who contributes, connects.

Is it secure?

Yes. The signal is separated into 2 networks, one private and one public. Your home network is separated from the guest network by a firewall. Your home network is completely password protected, and so not accessible by anyone that doesn't have your password.

How does it work

Does sharing a signal slow down my internet at home?

How does it work

No, the private network will always be prioritized. So whether one or twenty people are connecting to your public network, your internet experience will not be affected.

Will the usage on my shared connection count towards my Capped or Uncapped thresholds?

No, the shared usage is separate from your personal usage.

How do I connect locally?

How does it work

If you are an MWEB ADSL customer, with a Fon-enabled router, you have access to your ADSL home connection, as well as WiFi* in 2 different WiFi network areas.

  • 1. @MWEB Fon
  • 2. @AlwaysOn

For a full list of MWEB Approved WiFi hotspots, go to our WiFi Zone locator

How do I connect when I am travelling internationally?

When you are in a Fon hotspot, look for the @ServiceProviderName_FON hotspot within your device WiFi settings menu.
eg. @BT_FON

For a full list of International Fon hotspots, download the iOS and Android Fon App.

How does it work

How do I sign in at MWEB Fon hotspots?

MWEB Fon Sign-in

Log in on the right hand side of the screen, using your MWEB email address and password.

How do I sign in at AlwaysOn hotspots?

Select MWEB as the "service provider" on the account login tab and enter your MWEB email address and password.

Always On Sign-in

*T&Cs Apply. Access to Fon for MWEB Fon subscribers only. Line speeds quoted are best effort and represent "up to" speeds.

**Price incl. VAT. Excludes delivery fee.