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E-mail : Server Details

You can look up the required e-mail settings in the table below. For example, if your e-mail address is, your servers are:

Incoming: (pop3 dot mweb dot co dot za)
Outgoing: (smtp dot mweb dot co dot za)

Your Domain Name
If your e-mail address ends with:
Incoming Mail Setting
Your incoming (POP3) 
mail server:
Outgoing Mail Setting
Your outgoing (SMTP) mail server:**
If you are an ADSL customer

pop3.your domain name
[e.g. if your main e-mail address ends in, the setting is]

* Customers whose addresses end in the following can all use for incoming mail and for outgoing mail, provided that they type in their full e-mail address as their POP3 (incoming mail) username:


Please refer to the mail restrictions table below for your various internet connections:


If you wish to take part in discussions on Usenet newsgroups, please use the settings below:

News server Port 119

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