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ADSL : Set up a Wi-Fi network with your ADSL router

  1. The PC or laptop you want to connect to the Wi-Fi needs to have Wi-Fi technology built in or you need to purchase a wireless card.  Make sure this card is enabled.
  2. Make sure the wireless option is enabled on the router. Please see the router’s manual for more information on how to do this. Also make sure you use encryption (usually marked in your router settings as WEP) to protect against people connecting to the Wi-Fi network without your permission.
  3. Your PC should then automatically search for all available wireless hotspots including your new router.
  4. Go to your wireless network connection on your PC and set it to show you all available networks.  When viewing networks, you should now see your router's SSID (the name given to your router - you can change the default name to anything you want).
  5. Select the SSID of your router then click the Connect button.

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