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ADSL : Settings

Use the following values when configuring your ADSL modem or router. Any other settings should be left as default. (Tip: scroll down for step-by-step instructions.)

Encapsulation PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet)
Multiplexing method LLC
Password Your MWEB password
IP address Set to obtain an IP dynamically (DHCP)
Primary DNS Leave this blank
Secondary DNS Leave this blank
Virtual circuit VPI - 8
VCI - 35


Setting up your router with your ADSL login details

These step-by-step instructions apply to the Billion 7401 VGP router.  If your router has an MWEB logo on it, that's probably what you have.

  • Open your Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).
  • Type into the address bar and press the Enter key.  (Tip: if you can't get access to this address, disable your firewall software temporarily or set it to allow access to this address.)
  • When prompted, type in the router's username and password and press the Enter key.  (Tip: the Billion 7401 router's default login details are admin (the default username) and admin (the default password). For security reasons, please change these login details without delay.)  You will see the following window:
Quick Start

  • Click on Quick Start.  You will now see the following window:
router adsl login window
  • In the spaces provided, type in your MWEB ADSL username and password.  (Tip: use the drop-down list if your username does not end in "".)
  • Click the Apply button when you're done.  Do not close this window yet, i.e. leave it open.
  • Wait for half a minute or so, then open a second browser window and try to browse to another website, e.g.
  • If you can see the website, then return to the router window you left open and click the SAVE CONFIG button at the bottom of the router window:

Billion router Save Config button 

  • Next, click the Apply button.  Wait until you see a message saying, "Save Config to Flash successful".
  • Finally, click the LOGOUT button at the bottom of the router window:
Billion router logout button


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