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Check your ADSL Usage


See how much ADSL data you're using

Step 1

Login to My Account, navigate to My Services and click on ADSL



Step 2

You will see various blocks of information showing information and some settings for your ADSL service. For now we are focusing on the Usage block.

In this example you can see that the user has used 138GB of data for the month of October, the connection status is unthrottled, meaning that they have not exceeded any Acceptable Usage Policy thresholds and they have used 200GB of data in the last 30 days. Throttling is calculated on a 30 day rolling window and not the calendar month.

For more information about throttling and acceptable usage policies you can read this article about traffic and shaping

Step 3

You can Also use the drop down list to access a detailed usage breakdown for a specific period of time.

Step 4

On the screen that opens you can see a breakdown of your daily data consumption, both sent and received for the chosen time period.

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