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One-Time PIN Services


Find out how MWEB's One-time PIN service helps to automate secure transactions such as booster purchases and password changes.

Anyone who does Internet banking these days should already be familiar with One Time PIN (OTP) services of one type or another, where a temporary pin code is sent to your registered cell number to verify a secure transaction, or change in account details.


MWEB's OTP service works in exactly the same way and is used to verify transactions, such as booster purchases and for password changes and reminders.

To register for OTP, or to manage your OTP settings login to MWEB's myaccount service, select One-time Pin from the My Admin tab and follow the on-screen instruction to either register a new number, or edit your existing details.

Alternatively, our call centre agents can assist you with registering for One Time Pin, provided you have all of the information available to complete the required telephonic security validation.

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