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Mail Sending Rules and Policies


Explaining MWEB's mail sending policies and restrictions

Here at MWEB Spam prevention is of vital importance to us.  

Inbound spam if unchecked slows down mail servers, clutters up customers mailboxes and wastes bandwidth.  

In turn outbound spam, either sent intentionally by our clients, or generated by malware infected PC's can affect the reputation of our servers on the Internet which causes problems such as blacklisting and unreliable Email delivery. 

 Unfortunately in the war against spam there are always a few causalities.  If we do block you from sending a legitimate email, or you find that your party invitations you sent out have exceeded the rate limiting and you have to break them up into batches, we do apologize in advance and hope that you can understand that these measures are in place to protect the integrity of the service that we offer you and keep frustration to a bare minimum.  

Please review our specific policies and restrictions for mail sending below: 


Authenticated Mail Sending

As part of our efforts to standardize mail configurations and to further combat spam sending all MWEB customers are required to make use of the server using port 587 with authentication for sending mail. While other legacy settings may continue to work for a limited time we will no longer advertise, or support these settings.

Mail Sending Limits

Sending Rate : 25 recipients per mail +- 400 mails per hour

Maximum Message Size: 35MB (Including attachments)

Our spam prevention systems are dynamic and will constantly adjust to to match user behavior patterns. As such the above should be considered only as broad guidelines. Always bear in mind that MWEB’s email products are intended for day to day use by a single user - they are not suitable for mass mail distribution of any kind.

Connecting to Other Servers

Due to the widespread use of outbound Port 25 by viruses and spam robots we do not allow any port 25 traffic to leave our network. If you are connecting to another service provider’s outbound mail server you must use port 587, or another alternate port.


Connecting from Other networks

If you are not making use of MWEB services to connect to the Internet you should still be able to send and receive mail using the recommended settings.  In the unlikely event that the network provider is not allowing port 587 mail traffic off their network you will have to make contact with them to obtain the address of an outbound mail server on that network, which you are allowed to use.








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