MWEB Email Basics

Here you will find all of the information you need about mail server settings, spam blocking,rate limiting and other useful email related information.  if you're looking for for instructions to setup your specific email application check the Setup Guides Section



Email Guides

MWEB Mail Settings - Quick Reference
A handy quick reference guide for all the email settings and rules you need.

Accessing Zimbra Webmail
Message Centre is MWEB's web-based email client designed for users on the go who want to access their email anywhere from multiple computers.

Editing Block and Allow Lists
Edit your Block and Allow lists in My Account to permanently block spammers, or always allow mail from trusted senders.

Mail Sending Rules and Policies
Explaining MWEB's mail sending policies and restrictions

Changing your Junkmail Download Preferences
Change your email download preferences to have Junkmail delivered to your normal POP3 connected Inbox

A Step by Step Guide to Spam Blocking
an overview of how our mail platform protects you from unwanted mail while leaving you in control of the messages you want to receive.

How to Retrieve a Quarantined Email
The quarantine report allows you to see the high risk spam that we blocked recently and release messages you may want to receive.

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