ADSL Basics

ADSL is a fixed line (the data travels on cable) Internet service that piggybacks on a normal Telkom telephone line, which means it's pretty easy to get online, especially if you already have a telephone service.

ADSL is also relatively cheap compared to other types of connectivity so you can use a lot of data and, depending on the package you take, it's fast enough for online gaming, streamlining music and movies and downloading some pretty big files.

This makes ADSL the obvious choice for anyone who's enthusiastic about their online entertainment, which is true of most modern families.

Below are some quick guides to understanding ADSL line speeds and choosing an ADSL product.  If you're looking for in-depth knowledge on ADSL services, faults and troubleshooting then head over to the Troubleshooting section

ADSL Guides

Everything you ever wanted to know about how ADSL works, but didn't have anyone to ask :)

A quick guide to ADSL line speeds and common Internet activities

A quick guide to ADSL product definitions to help you choose the correct package.

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