Getting Started

As an MWEB Member you get 20MB of free space to host your own website.
Your site will exist at the following url: The username will be the one you use to log into My Account.


*If you are already using the old "MySite" tools, you may click here to sign in and continue using them.

Step 1: Build
Build your website in html

Step 2: Upload
  • Once you have set up your website, you can upload it using a method called FTP or File Transfer Protocol, which is a method of moving files from your computer to a server so the files can be visible on the internet.
  • Your website’s FTP address will be and use your MWEB password.
  • You can access the FTP section using Internet Explorer or an FTP Client, many of which are available for download on the internet.
  • If HTML is too daunting there are easier ways to publish online than by designing and coding your site from scratch.
  • These options are freely available for MWEB members.


Post your pics in your own online photo album, with captions!
Click here to set it up.

Your Album:
  • can be linked to your Blog
  • easy to upload photos and update
  • can be shared with your friends