Plant Details
Botanical Name: Bougainvillea x buttiana 'Crimson Jewel'
Common Name: Bougainvillea
Use: Outdoors
Indegenous/Exotic: Exotic
Evergreen/Deciduous: Semi-deciduous
Plant Type: Climber
Flower Colour: Red
Foliage Colour: Green
Best Season: Summer
Light: Sun
Hardness: Semi-Hardy
Height 6 - 10
Spread: Indefinite
Genus of 14 species. Use on a pergola, arbor, arch, house wall or even as a groundcover on steep slope where little else will grow. When the plants are young they are particularly sensitive to too much watering and feeding and do not transplant well. They are resistant to most insect pests and to fungus attack and are drought tolerant. The plants will tolerate almost any soil condition but will benefit from an initial addition of compost. Water well before and after planting. Thereafter water only when necessary. Prune to shape, preferably during the brief Winter dormancy. Most cultivars have thorns. Propagate from hardwood cuttings in Spring or layer in early Autumn or Spring. 'Crimson Jewel' is the perfect tub specimen. Quick growing, dwarf and compact, it has shiny dark foliage and becomes covered in masses of glowing red bracts for most of the year.
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