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Give Diretide Pls: Dota 2 fans petition Barack Obama

What started as an amusing troll session among Defence of the Ancients 2 fans this weekend ended in the silliness that seems to be becoming standard when gamers get mad.


Last year Valve, the publisher of Dota 2, ran a little Halloween event for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena known as Diretide. Diretide was a completely new Halloween-themed version of the game which allowed players to face off against both real-life and non-player opponents in a battle to the death for candy.

It appears that many gamers rather fancied this little mod, so when Valve didn’t release it again this year, people started to get upset.

And of course, when gamers get upset, someone has to pay.

One of the first companies to learn of everyone’s tumultuous feels was Volvo (as in the car company). This may seem illogical to you until you know that many Dota 2 players jokingly alter the “Valve” name to “Volvo”. Their Facebook wall was (and still is being) spammed with the following:


_ =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿ Give Diretide

Which to be honest, I found completely hilarious.

As a postscript, it was nice see that Volvo went along with the joke, posting:

volvo fixed.jpg

Good guy Volvo!

Gamers also went a bit mad on, where Dota 2 now has a user score of 3.8. 


A selection of the bad reviews reads something like this (best summary in my opinion):


This video shows how the Reddit communities reacted to the lack of Diretide:

Some brave and desperate fans even petitioned American president, Barack Obama, via his Facebook page:


This may seem like an overboard reaction to those of you who don’t understand the feels, but let me tell you that it’s actually all quite innocent lulz when we look at the fact that *certain* of these jovial trolls ruined it all and went as far as getting hold of the personal number of Dota 2’s “Master Patch Eviscerator”, Matthew Bailey, in order to threaten him personally. Just take a look at his Twitter account:


Really now you guys. That’s just not cricket.

Because it’s now the 4th of November, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Halloween is definitively over and Valve won’t be releasing the Diretide mod. So let’s join these young folk in mourning:

It’s worth noting that Valve have been very quiet about these incidents if their Facebook page and Twitter account are anything to go by.


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