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The next 3 big eSports titles for 2014

Within the past 3 years we have seen drastic growth in competitive gaming - for console as well as PC. As the success moves from one tier to the next, we start to consider what up and coming titles will stand out as the next big eSport titles for 2014. Today we will take a look at the titles that may prove to be the big players in competitive gaming come 2014.


Battlefield 4 


Battlefield 3 has been renown for its realism and modern war experience that has hooked fans all over the world. As you find yourself pushed deep into enemy territory, you quickly find the closest team mates that you can pair up with to increase your chance of survival. Increasing your communication via marking enemies positions, you may be able to pull odds into your favor. It's these seemingly everyday skirmishes in Battlefield 3 that allowed it to become a viable competitive title. Yet Battlefield 3 left out one key ingredient that made watching live games virtually impossible, and that is the spectator mode. 

Battlefield 4, however, has made several new additions that will potentially turn this title into the next great game in eSports. One obvious addition is the spectator mode that will bring with it the opportunity for new shoutcasting and live streaming. Here is just a preview of what is to come: 

The introduction of new game modes such as Levolution and Defuse also add competitive value to the game. In Levolution we can expect some significant in-game events that is going to be great for spectators to watch as buildings collapse and create a completely different environments. thus keeping the action fresh. The next mode Defuse will be moving the game play towards the competitive action drawn from titles such as Counter Strike & Call of Duty, commonly known as Search and Destroy. This mode has always been a favorite of competitive gamers and will surely become a welcome addition to Battlefield 4.   

Heroes of the Storm 


Recently renamed from Blizzard All-Stars, Heroes of the Storm is looking like becoming one of the next big Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA's) of (expected to be) 2014. 

Blizzard are setting to change the MOBA scene in various ways, these are by territory control, multiple maps, changed meta and dynamic boss fights. 

When it comes to taking mercenary camps/territories, instead of receiving buffs or xp, players now will be able to capture 'soldiers' that will form apart of the minions on the battlefield thus adding stronger lane pushing for the team. 

In most MOBAs there is at least one huge boss that adds a significant change to the team that managed to take it down. This is mostly received via a huge gold bonus or global buff. In Heroes of the Storm, however, the boss will join your fight and become an ally on your team to wreck havock on your opponent. If you want to check it out on video, make sure to do so here

Titan Fall


Titan Fall is catered almost entirely for the online multiplayer experience and is set to become one of the most action packed first-person shooters (FPS's) of the next generation. Teams play in squads in various game modes such as Hardpoint, where players will try to secure 3 locations around the map. You will work along side team mates to complete your set of tasks. You will also be able to call down giant mechs/ Titans to assist in your fight. These titans will add a great deal of meta to the game and will allow for some interesting strategic play. 

That's my top 3 titles for competitive gaming for 2014, what do you think will be the next big eSports titles? We want to know, please do so by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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