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EVE Online: Battle of the Podcasters and other shenanigans

For those of us who do play EVE Online, we know that the game is all about spaceships going pew-pew, with disastrous consequences in some way, shape or form. In a strange twist of fate, it has become a little more than straightforward PvP action.

In my other life, I am a co-host on a little-known EVE Online-centric podcast called Fly Reckless. At the closure of each episode we have a shout-out section to greet, thank, or otherwise acknowledge players, groups or other entities usually associated with the game. In episode 95, my shout-out went to Random McNally, one of the hosts of the High Drag Podcast, where I noted that he is easily riled.


The High Drag podcast is on friendly terms with Fly Reckless, with friendly greetings having gone out on both shows for each other regularly in the past, and Mr McNally even appearing as a guest on Fly Reckless. While I love the work of Mr McNally, my statement of him being easily riled is actually not true; my objective was simply to bait him into a response, which I am glad to announce has actually happened, and the unintended yet intentional result has now occurred, with an arranged duel in the defence of honour questioned and petticoats ruffled!


Yup, definitely ruffled!!

Discussion and planning will see honour and petticoats restored to normal, focused around a duel in the star system of Amarr at 20:00 EVE time on Thursday, 17th November (or 22:00 local time).

The format of the encounter will be a best-of-three (BO3) fight to ship death, with an extra round of us squaring off in Venture-class mining frigates, for extra giggles. Weapons of choice have been defined as using tech-1 frigate-class hulls, with a maximum level of tech-2 equipment modules and fittings, and optionally using faction-level ammunition for our guns, lasers or missile systems if so desired.


Your beard power is nothing when compared to what lies beyond the next wormhole! Hopefully, a hurricane...

On a personal note, there was question about where to draw inspiration from Random’s side in selecting and fitting ships, and since other hosts on the High Drag podcast attribute their skill in PvP to the size and length of their beards (most notably, Zeo Amadeus), the fight has been themed Beard vs. Bob. Why Bob? Bob is the unofficial “god” of wormhole space in the EVE Online universe, and since I am a denizen of wormhole space, this event seemed to evolve into a fight of not only restoring honour, but also ideology. Also, the loser has to publically acknowledge the winners’ superiority on the other’s podcast!


My favourite boat, a hurricane, next to a wormhole...

I asked if Herr Bert, member of the “Semper Ubi Sub Ubi” corp (a corp is like a guild or clan in other games) and self-proclaimed prophet of Bob and Youtube video caster to preside over the fight and also make a cool video about it. There will also be a live stream covering the event!

Both Random Mcnally and I have pledged a small purse of 15 million ISK (in-game currency) to the winner of the fight. We didn’t expect the superlative response from the rest of the podcasting and general EVE community! Kirith Kodachi from Broadcasts of the Ninveah podcast has upped the prize purse with an extra 15 million ISK; Mike Azariah from the Podside Podcast and current Council of Stellar Management member has thrown in a rare faction Worm-class frigate in. Sindel Pellion from The Angel Project and parody songwriter, has also graciously agreed to donate a prize pack for a give-away on the winners’ podcast. Telegram Sam from Blue Federation and the Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest has donated an Apotheosis to the prize pool. Check out Pod and Pilot and write!!!)


The bird, the bird, the bird gets the Worm...

I tip my hat to my gracious opponent, Random McNally and look forward to seeing you in space – on the other side of my guns! Many thanks to the super-awesome sponsors of this event, and we both hope to make this type of event between the podcasters, vid-casters and other fansite groups a regular occurance!

Check out the High Drag podcast site as well as Fly Reckless episode 95 for where it all started!

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