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Call of Duty: Ghosts - Clan Registration Explained


Call of Duty: Ghosts is just around the corner, as the 5th of November marks the international release date for this much anticipated title from Infinity Ward. One "integral" part of the multiplayer experience in Ghosts is the use of clans, and yesterday Activision has released a video highlighting exactly what the new team play feature is all about. 

With this new feature, your will be able to earn unique rewards and bonuses by gaining Clan XP. To gain Clan XP you and your team must compete in various activities on the Clan vs Clan playlist. These playlist will feature several different modes in which to participate in, such as the  brand new mode Clan Wars. 

Clan Wars

In Clan Wars you and your team will take on other squads to hold key locations on a map. This will be achieved by trying to rack up as many wins as possible in the various locations of your teams choosing. Once you do achieve your goal of locking down a location, it will then be marked with your team emblem for all to see. You and your clan will also earn in game XP bonuses as well as exclusive items when you manage to secure any one of the many locations up for grabs. 


Call of Duty Application

The center piece of the Clan experience in Ghosts is the new Call of Duty App. With this new application you will be able to manage your clan, view stats, edit your clan emblem, chat with your clan and send them 'rally-up' messages to tell them that your ready to play. If your not already in a Clan, no need to worry, the application will recommend one for you.  The application is set to launch in November alongside Call of Duty:Ghosts on "tablet and mobile devices," though whether that specifically mans both iOS and Android hasn't been revealed. All features in the app are compatible with current and next-gen consoles. Yes, this means that for the first time ever your will be able to have a clan on the same profile regardless of which platform you are on. Unfortunately, you will not be able to play with one another cross-platform. 

Register Now 

Some other good news is the Clan Leaders can reserve your existing Elite Clan Names now. So you better register before you Call of Duty: Ghost launches, as you and your team want to have a head start in your attempt to lock down as many locations as possible. So get your team together because Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to change the way we experience Clan gaming. 

What do you think of the brand new addition of the Clan vs Clan playlist? Do you think it will outshine the Black Ops 2 league play or do you think Infinity Ward have taken one step back? 

I want to know your thoughts, please do so by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

Remember to preregister your clan here


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