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Fans are hard-up for more Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

That adorable ‘lil man old school gamers have a secret fancy for, yes, I am talking about the legend that is Leisure Suit Larry, has danced his way from online only to retail. Replay Games finally gave into the fan frenzy and agreed to put Larry in their hands with a boxed version.


Earlier this year, Replay released the game online to great acclaim, but for some reason, adventure game lovers can’t really enjoy a game unless they’re holding a cardboard box.

After much gnashing of teeth, internal turmoil, and tea leaves study, Replay relented. Sadly, this means that even more impressionable American youth will be exposed to the incessant laughter, forehead-denting puzzles, retina-level graphics, hand-drawn 2D animation, and even the unique jazz stylings of Austin Wintory’s soundtrack, featuring the theme that ear-wormed millions of brains over the past quarter-century.

Series creator Al Lowe said, “What are they thinking? Our whole Kickstarter campaign was built around our ‘rebel attitude.’ The video even shows me mocking retail sales! What? Oh, good; at least it won’t be in Wal-Mart!” Replay C.E.O. Paul Trowe, in a first for him and game publishers in general, could not be reached for comment. He is believed to be on some tropical beach, sipping fruit-filled beverages, and getting sand in his iPad.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is the first of the major Kickstarter-funded games to complete. Replay even sent out all the backers’ rewards last July. “We were doing so well,” Lowe said. “Why ruin our reputation with retail sales?!”

If you’ve not yet played Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded then download it right this minute. It is available for Android, iOS, PC and Mac here. It is on sale for R120 so you better hurry up. I mean, can there be any better way to pass the time while you waiting around than playing Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded on your mobile?

Source: Games Press / Replay Games





If you however, first want to read more about the disco-adventure-quirky Larry, then read this, "God’s gift to woman, Leisure Suit Larry, is back", or watch the gameplay video (spoliers).


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