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Crazy things gamers did to get a copy of GTA V


Some fans were willing to do anything for a copy of GTA V

1. Man stabbed and mugged for his copy of GTA


A 23-year-old man was attacked, hit with a brick and stabbed after picking up his copy of GTA V from an Asda outlet in Colindale, London. The three teenagers who allegedly perpetrated the event, aged 15, 16 and 18, are being questioned by policemen at Scotland Yard. There’s a giant “WTF” for you.

2. Staten Island trio pose as cops to buy GTA

In a slightly less horrifying incident, three (I don’t know what it is about that number) noobs from Staten Island in America have been arrested for posing as cops in order that they didn’t have to wait in the ridiculously long queues for a copy of the game. Their plan shows a rather laudable commitment, as you will see:


Kirolos Abdel Sayed, 19 and an auxiliary police officer; enlisted the help of his friends Frank Santanasto (19) and Matthew Kirsheh (20) to help him in his nefarious plot. The three boys waltzed into the Staten Island Mall wearing police uniforms and flashed a badge so that they could gain entrance to a GameStop outlet. They purchased a copy of GTA V and then attempted to make their getaway.

The false cops had even gone to the effort of purchasing a former unmarked police vehicle at a police auction which was equipped with lights and sirens. Unfortunately, they were so nervous as a result of their clandestine actions that they ran through a number of stop signs outside the mall parking lot and were quickly pulled over by real policemen.

Aside from the embarrassment, the three play-play cops have been charged with criminal impersonation and could face a sentence of up to a year in jail.

3. Man succumbs to Nerd Rage at midnight launch

In a very embarrassing incident, a man at one of the GTA V launch events attempted to use his business card to purchase his copy of the game as opposed to a valid photo Identity Document. His problem appears to have been sorted out as he is being given his copy of GTA at the start of the video, but as he is walking away the clerk indulges in some (possibly ill-advised) wise-crackery. The customer succumbs to that greatest of faux pas to make in RL, Nerd Rage. And that’s when things get very, very #awkies. Take a look:

4. Publicity stunt to promote GTA ends in tussle with armed police officers


Over the ocean in France, a publicity stunt to promote the new GTA by two Micromania employees in the town of Montargis went extremely awry when it ended with an onslaught of law enforcement agents storming the building as they thought a real criminal event was going on.

The unlucks and hapless employees dressed up in face masks and ran into the store carrying toy guns. An observer thought that a real robbery was occurring and alerted the police, who sent 15 heavily-armed officers roaring to the scene.

 The police managed to handle the situation without harming the two naughty parties, but stated to French newspaper, La Republique du Centre that “it could have ended very badly.”

As yet, there is no word as to whether the employees have been charged with anything.

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