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So many games, so little time

I think there is this huge conspiracy against me by gaming developers the world over. I mean, how they can have my best interests at heart when they are constantly bombarding me with great gaming titles that eat away my social life, not to mention prying away my hard earned cash.


In the past few months I have played The Last of Us, a game that has received immensely favourable reviews from gamers around the globe. Since my time away from The last of Us, I have had more game occupying time spent playing titles such as Saints Row IV and Splinter Cell Blacklist. It’s been great rediscovering my passion for gaming, but I can’t say the same for other aspects of my life. Of course, I admit that being a gaming junkie for 20 years hasn’t been my strongest selling point, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Perhaps others would!


So is there a global conspiracy against me, or are you affected by the recent gaming epidemic as well? We have but only to look to the gaming crystal ball (otherwise known as the internet) to know what the future holds. Of course you may choose to go simple and play but one game only, or you could be like me, who hopelessly debates the benefits and downfalls of buying more than one game, then without fore thought simply buy all of them anyway, only to realise later that now I can’t even afford that end of the month Salticrax. Such is my burden, my cross to bear so to speak. I want to play too many games, without considering the repercussions. Of course, I have been able to balance my time with a little more care and consideration, even though my gaming time has been limited (too some degree). After all, we are nothing without our families! (Believe in it)


But here is my conundrum which will inevitably cause more smack bang issues on the social front, and that it what is coming up for release in the upcoming weeks and months. The future of my time looks rather bleak, but crystal clear as well. It will be spent playing games, online, for long periods of time. It’s a good thing I have a toilet adjacent to my study. That way a quick toilet break isn’t but a moment away, while my maps are loading for the next game. Oh how little I can control myself. So, let’s look at what’s coming up shortly which is going to take every last cent I have at the end of this month. Just for interest sake, some people save for retirement, college, new cars – you know, useful things. Me on the other hand, I have a little piggy bank in my top drawer filled with coins I pinch from counters, floors, wallets (mostly my own) etc. I don’t even give car guards or petrol attendants tips because I already think to myself, “It’s either them or FIFA 14”.

GTA V.jpg

As I mentioned, let’s look at what is coming up that is going to preoccupy so much time I am going to forget I actually have a wife (She won’t let me forget it, so don’t worry guys and girls). First on my gaming agenda is the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) coming into retail and online shops 17 November. This is another Rockstar game, and we all know how stupendous they are at bringing us illustrious games in the past that have sky rocketed them to Legendary status. The previous GTA titles have sparked debate the world over for their graphic and violent content, but damn they have been great fun to play.


We then shift our attention over to FIFA 14 by EA Games due for release on the 27 September, closely followed by Beyond Two Souls by Sony Computer Entertainment which is due mid October, which then leads us to two games that (I know) will be highly anticipated titles, namely Battlefield 4 (01 Nov) and Call of Duty Ghosts (05 Nov). Now I mean no offense to any of you if I haven’t mentioned your beloved and anticipated title, I am merely addressing what I have perceived to be my narcissistic notions in terms of my time spent i.e. games weighing heavily on my day to day focus for the foreseeable future anyway.


I must also add another game that I believe is going to be highly anticipated, and hopefully as much fun to play as any title I have mentioned here, and that is Watch Dogs by Ubisoft. I have long being an admirer of technology experts that have the ability to code and decode systems to their whim (i.e. Hackers). This game will allow me the fantastical belief of being one of them, if only in the gaming world. After all, what is gaming if not a sense of escapism into make belief, and at times the inescapable dreams that occupy our sleep at night (or day if you game till the wee hours).


I have linked some of the latest videos of each of the games, if you haven’t already seen them. So, if like me, you expect to be more socially inept in the upcoming few months, and can only but hope that instead of taking that all important toilet break, I can slip in a hug or two for my lovely wife (It can be your wife, husband, mom, dad, cat, dog or figurine) to show her I’m still around, and that I obviously care (I mean only while the map loads or something), then I will do so to at least ease my burning guilt for not being available more often.


Here is to the gaming developers out there that clearly want me to be socially unhappy, but extremely satisfied in my gaming choices. Thank you very much.


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