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New features in BF4 and CoD Ghosts

Like any good decision, it is always important to look at what your product has to offer you in order for you to be properly informed when making your decision. The same goes for gaming. That’s why there are so many gaming sites and online stores.

If you haven’t heard yet and if that is the case you were probably stuck in Alaska for a year and experienced their worst blizzard, but any gamer whether or not they have played the predecessor titles before, would know that Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts are being released in November 2013. I am here to tell you what changes each game is bringing to you, so if like me you need to choose one, maybe this will help.

BF4 Front.jpg

Battlefield 4

Let me start with Battlefield 4 since it is being released first. To start we must look at the system requirements for PC gamers. Now every game has a minimum and recommended specification for PC. In order to run the game in its basic form, the minimum specifications are required. This impacts on how visually appealing the game will be and whether or not you experience it the way it was designed to be viewed. I wont go into the debate about PC vs console again, but it is clear to see that Battlefield 4 is going to be hardware intensive, if you want to play it on higher settings. Current generation console owners will also lack visual content as opposed to next gen owners.

BF4 lighting.jpg

New Features

  • As expected there will be 64 player maps and servers with a confirmed 60fps. Smaller maps and players will decrease this frame rate to about 30fps.
  • Game modes will be pretty much what is on offer now with BF3, namely Squad DM; Conquest; TDM; with the addition of 2 other game modes known as Obliteration and Elimination.
  • Squads will now have 5 players as opposed to the current 4.
  • One of the biggest additions is the new Battlefield Commander which can be played on a tablet alone, without the requirement of a PC or console. The Commander isn’t an active in game soldier, but rather an observer who can detail out orders to the battlefield based players in game. The Commander will have numerous tools and gadgets at his/her disposal and can do supply drops along with vehicles, call in missile strikes, and more. The better the squad performs, the more tools and gadgets become available to the Commander to use in support of his/her squad.

BF4 Apps.jpg

  • Battlelog will receive a complete revamp as well, which will give players more detailed stats tracking, and geo location based leaderboards to compare your stats with gamers in your city, or country.
  • There is also secondary monitor support, even for use with a laptop as a secondary screen, where players can view their mini map whilst still being active in game. This really is a great feature considering most times you only have the opportunity to view the mini map either before respawn or hitting the tab function.

battlefield 4 environment.jpg

  • A destructive environment will change the map as you play. This has been permitted with the use of the Frostbite 3 engine. So the map is ever changing as you play it, and the environment isn’t the same in respect to building collapsing around you. Not to mention how sea battles will play out as well due to the upgrade of the gaming engine. Waves are reactive and players will see live responses in those environments. Simply put, you see what I see the same time I see it.

BF4 Fighting.jpg

  • Spectator mode will be introduced for non active gamers to be able to view different camera angles or simply spectating the game.
  • Introduction of a few new vehicles, namely the Chinese Type 99 battle tank, the WZ-10 attack helicopter, the J-20 fighter jet, MRAP and more.

BF4 water.jpg

These are the key features that have been added to Battlefield 4. There are some other additions, but they are unlikely to be as appealing as those mentioned above. I think the two best things for me is the introduction of the destructive environment in game and the Commander mode.


Call of Duty Ghosts

We can safely all admit that the Call of Duty graphics was always lacking in visual stimulation compared to many other gaming titles, especially Battlefield 3. Console gamers in my opinion have had it even worse in terms of graphic capabilities for Call of Duty, hence the reason people stuck with PC due to the ability to increase the level of graphics. Although, CoD was still mediocre in this department whether on PC or console. This aspect seems to be changing, and from what has been given in terms of videos and screenshots sheds a much prettier and dynamic CoD game in Ghosts. One has only to look at the Xbox One and PS4 videos to know how much improvement has been done. Current generation consoles however will not experience these new dynamic changes unfortunately.

Ghosts Lighting.jpg

New Features

  • Current in-game stats will be visible on the upper-right hand corner of the screen,
  •  Improved gaming mechanics such as sliding, leaning, soldier creation, weaponry, perks; killstreaks are implemented as part of the changes.

Ghosts World.jpg

  • Dynamically changing map due to the destruction caused in each map by the players. This was really only done in Battlefield 3, but a destructive environment is a great change for CoD.
  • Better audio sound mechanics featuring an ADSR-based reverb system, reactive emitters and locational batter chatter as well as improved sound for weapons and the environment.
  • Create-a-soldier: everything from load out, gender, race, head, body type, equipment and class.
  • Killstreaks and attachments are free, but Perks will be given a points value between 1-5 and players may choose a max of 8 points. Level specific unlocks are done away with, instead squad points allows you to unlock anything.


  • There are 20 new killstreaks such as Odin Strike, new ground UAV, Riley the German Shepherd companion, juggernaut mania, Helo-Scout and Vulture. Obtaining these killstreaks can be done by kills, and by completing objectives.
  • Call of Duty App is also available to use when you are away from your game. With it you can track your careers stats, as well as those of your friends and rivals. You can communication via the Rally Up and Clan Chat to keep in touch with friends and clan members.
  • Second screen functionality which allows you to do perform in game load outs before your next respawn, without even leaving the game. Of course this will be increasingly difficult to do with the frenetic pace CoD is known for.
  • New maps and game types, with Capture the Flag being replaced by what is now known as Blitz. The concept is the same, but the style of the gameplay is different.

Although this may not seem like much for CoD, I think the overall improvement in the game graphic and the changing environment is most certainly a huge step up. I have for so long heard gamers complain (myself included) that CoD always looked the same, but now that the changes are coming, I cannot fault it.

You can view both the games and their additions, and for some part most of them are similar. As I said in a recent article, it comes down to what style of game you want to play. You cannot compare Battlefield 4 to Call of Duty, which would be like comparing Forza to Mario Kart. Both will appeal to their respective gamers, and both will offer a level of gameplay far better than what we have experienced in Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. As usual, there is a strong emphasis on the multiplayer content, and that is the pinnacle point for these games.

I am sure like me, you are eagerly awaiting the releases.

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