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Why a later console release date is good for South Africa

It is simple economics that supply and demand will always determine price. This isn’t a lesson in economics, but rather a focus on the comparative way that even though supply and demand does affect how much we end up paying, it also comes down to competition between suppliers. I am of course referring to the upcoming Microsoft Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4. Gamers are far better off when there is such strong competition by two large corporate giants.

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The reason is simple – Each is fighting to win your attention in the games market. The question now is, if you own either an Xbox360 or PS3, based on what is on offer from either of the two new companies, would you consider swapping to the other console? Or are the similarities of the new consoles just too much, that changing your “comfort zone” in gaming is something you won’t consider. There is so much back and forth from both companies to support their consoles, that making a proper and informed decision now just isn’t possible. Or if you have the inside scoop and are already sure of what you want, then I suppose this discussion is rather redundant.


Xbox One will release a week earlier than the PS4. Of course, South Africans and some other parts of the world will only see these consoles in 2014. The expected dates for release here are not yet known. Now I know that many of you will look at this as a disadvantage, but you know what? It isn’t. Why? Because by the time it has launched here on our shores, there is going to be so much feedback, reviews and details on both consoles so that when you can finally get your hands on your console of choice, you will have a lot more information on hand, more so than our American and European counterparts had when they bought theirs. You and I may even decide to change our choice of console by the time it is released here.

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When I go into a gaming shop, I am well and truly like a kid in a candy store. So many times I have bought things simply because they looked complicated and shiny. The thing is most of those purchases have been fairly cheap. But when we start talking about R5000 then it isn’t cheap anymore that we are talking about. So if you have saved hard, worked hard to earn that money only for you to go buy your console of choice based on previous experience, and then to find it isn’t nearly as good as you thought it would be, it is without a doubt a costly mistake. And so, to be more prepared for what your choice should be, and to make that all important informed choice, it is in our best interest to see what first hand experienced people have to say. Good or bad, that is relevant for your continued happiness and experience.  

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So I know that many of you are disappointed that other countries will see the consoles before you. That they would have gained experience on the new consoles, but in all honesty its rather what transpires here. In South Africa, your fellow gamer will have access to the console the same time of launch as you do. There is no unfair advantage there, unless you can’t afford it in the first place, but that’s something else entirely.  I would rather have waited and still received the benefits and discounts of my pre-order, just so I know that I am not just being that kid in a candy shop making an uninformed decision, where my choice is beyond costly. So I hope you will embrace this opportunity with me, and that when you finally have the opportunity to buy your new console, that walking out of the shop with it in your hand you already know more than you need to when you open the box to reveal your unwavering choice of console, as much as I know I will.

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