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R28k Prizes in Corsair Starcraft II Super 8 Battlegrounds Competition!

For all the fans of Starcraft 2 out there, the time has come to once again duke it out for control of the Koprulu Sector! Once again the question will be asked, who will come out on top: The ravaged remains of the Terran Confederacy, the unforgiving and relentless Zerg, or will the enigmatic Protoss finally purge the sector of infestation?


The Corsair Super 8 Starcraft II Battlegrounds Ladder, hosted by MWEB GameZone, in association with Rebel Tech and Toasted Edge, will enable you to pit your skills against other prospective players to determine who are the top best players, in a 1v1 ladder event. The top eight players from the ladder event will then square off against each other in a single elimination tournament, for a share of R28000 in prizes!  


Ladder Component

As stated earlier, the ladder match structure will one-versus-one (1v1), to be played in a best-of-three (bo3) format, with map lists to be determined weekly. Check back regularly on the ladders’ announcement section for map selection criteria.

Toasted Edge.jpg

The Super 8 component

The Super 8 will comprise of the players that finish in the top 8 of the ladder at its conclusion. These 8 players will then partake in a single elimination tournament, using the positions as seeding for the matches. The finals will be streamed via MWEB GameZone streaming page, more details are to follow.

Important Information and Dates

Where to sign up for the Ladder

How to register for the tournament and other questions
Rules and Map Information

Registrations window period: 2nd September 2013 - 29th September 2013

Ladder Challenge Period: 30th September 2013 - 27th October 2013

Super 8 Finals date : 2nd November 2013

Tournament Prizes

Deciding the fate of the Koprulu Sector won’t be easy. So we’re making sure that your just reward will be well worth it!
All players that qualify for the Super 8 tournament from the ladder component will receive personalised hoodies, showing off that you are one of the best defenders of the Koprulu Sector!

The top 3 players will be walking away with some amazing swag as listed:

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

In addition, the players in the Super 8 tournament will be receiving a share of R6000 in vouchers, courtesy of Rebel Tech cc!


Keep the feedback coming!

We encourage all of our participants to send us feedback on the site in an effort to turn this the best possible experience for you, the gamer. Make sure to post on the forum should you encounter any problems or if you are have any suggestions, hey, even post if you're liking the new addition to MWEB GameZone!

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