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Gamescom 2013: Hands-on with Call of Duty Ghosts: Blitz

Gamescom 2013 marked the announcement of the brand new game-mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Blitz. I managed to get some hands on game time with this brand new mode and today I will be giving my first impressions of Blitz as well as diving into the possibilities of the mode in relation to both competitive and public game play. 

Outline of Blitz

Blitz is the newly announced respawn gamemode that sees two teams competing over two objectives. These objectives are known as portals and are located at opposite end of the map. Each team is assigned one capture point that they must defend from the opposition, whilst simultaneously attempting to try attack the oppositions. The goal is to try get one player into the opposition portal, doing so will earn your team 1 point and will cause the location to reset for 10 seconds before being opened again. Once a player enters the open portal they will be teleported back to the base. Blitz is split into two halves, thus at half time both teams will swap sides and now defend the portal that they previously attacked.


The mode is extremely similar to capture the flag (ctf), with the only difference really being the fact that players will not have to pick up a flag and run it back to their base. Thus the mode has been simplified in a way, just due to the fact that it will require less work to get a point that it traditionally would in a ctf game, which has always been a problem because of the amount of tie-breaking that was necessary to deliver a winner in capture the flag. 

Public Gameplay

In relation to public gameplay, I believe this mode will offer more intrigue than the capture the flag mode ever did. This comes down to the fact that when you play public lobbies of ctf you are often faced with players that would pick up the flag and run it back in the wrong direction or try get extra scorestreaks with it in their grasp. This will no longer be possible in blitz, thus we will no longer have those concerns. Yet, these are in essence the elements that defined the competitive environment for Call of Duty's capture the flag. 

Competitive Gameplay

Capture the flag as a competitive mode invited with it a highly complex yet strategic way to try to out smart your opponent on various levels. Such as a flag runner that would duke his enemy into thinking that he would go in one direction when actually moving down another. There was a skill set into running a flag and trying to defend that flag runner, now it would seem that that set of skill will be lost.  With blitz, I feel that it will play out in a very similar way to how ctf was played competitively, where map control and player count will play an integral role in defensive and offensive decision making. I, however, do feel that the matches might be more one sided than they were in their in ctf. This comes down to the fact that teams that do gain early map control will be able to immediately capture and then defend their flag due to the teleport system. The objective of blitz is to defend your point whilst attacking the oppositions portal, the problem is that the attacking system offers immediate defensive possibilities. This will make it extremely difficulty for a team with an offensive advantage will throw away their lead, as they are offered the duality of being able to play on both sides of the map. 


Flag running will no longer be an issue in Blitz

When it comes to the blitz capture points, it looks like the map design team are putting these in locations that are highly vulnerable to enemy fire, thus it will be tricky to get in the portal. If there is any suggestion I can give you is that make sure if your on the attack that you have a smoke grenade equipped as this will give less opportunity for the enemy team to stop you from scoring some points. 


Overall I feel Blitz is a game mode that will be viable for both competitive and public gameplay. I do believe that as a public mode it will be much more popular than its twin capture the flag. I still do have concerns regarding the competitive side, however, with fine tuning of spawns, spawn timing as well as the selection of maps for competitive rotation that it might become a highly entertaining spectator mode. 

What do you think of the new gamemode for Call of Duty: Ghosts? 

Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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