Review Saints Row IV: Mildly Amusing


The Good

Overall Fun, action packed  mayhem, humorous, good voice acting

The Bad

Feels more of an update than a new game, It has already been done

The Story

Saints Row IV is an open world game that continues the story of the Third Street Saints with their leader now the President of the United States. After a catastrophic alien invasion occurs where the aliens transport the Saints to a Matrix coded Steelport simulation, you must fight to free humanity from alien super baddy, Zinyak's mental grasp by ultisiling gargantuan superpowers. Escape the simulation that's trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

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The lowdown

Saints Row isn't known to take itself seriously, and for good reason. What was once a climb up the proverbial crime ladder is now the pragmatic task of saving mankind and earth. The alien supreme being known as Zinyak has a rather wicked and voyeuristic sociopathic mind. Not merely satisfied with human experimentation, he goes about tormenting the game characters with their greatest fears in order to taunt, tease and drive them absolutely insane. That being said, there is nothing like the leader of the free world, Mr. President himself to step into the virtual world and show Zinyak that taking over earth and its people, wont be as easy as hacking Rim Jobs to say the least. 


There is a solid Single Player campaign where you can complete missions in order to defeat the Zin and their egomaniacal ruler, within the virtual world, as well as perform side missions for your homies which will help satisfy their need for vengeance and revenge, along with challenges for more unlocks and XP. In order to save the universe from the alien invasion, The President, is going to need all the help he can get, There is a nice touch to the game, with the reintroduction of some of the old characters back into the game (Nostalgia visions here). Once you start unlocking your Jump and Sprint abilities, you won’t even drive another car unless your mission requires you to drive and even then its an amiable task. For every other moment in the game you will find yourself running around, jumping and gliding like a true superhero. It is the best and most fun way to get around the city of Steelport.


There is a strange similarity to another game long past known as Crackdown, and should you have played that game, you will undoubtedly see some of those similarities. For one in order to obtain your abilities, you have to collect code (or in the case of Crackdown - Orbs) scattered around the city in order to “unlock” these powers and abilities that allow you to perform the superhero moves, and to develop elemental abilities such as Fire, Ice and Telekinesis (TK), stomp etc. I played Crackdown about seven years ago, and only recently replayed Saints Row The Third again so it all felt very familiar running around Steelport, which in itself looks the exact same and has no changes to it barring the alien ships hovering in the sky above.

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The addition of the Zin is about the only real fresh addition to the game, along with the story and menu functions and alien weapons (I personally loved the Dubstep Gun), MECH Suit, and as I said, the reintroduction of characters come and gone. But it isn’t enough of a change to make this a game feel like a stand alone, even if it was intended to be a follow on from Saints Row The Third. It does feel as though this was a update or add-on to SR The Third.

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Of course, that is not to say that it isn't a fun title to play by any means, because it does stay true to the Saints Row mash up of chaos and destruction. The best part of the game is unequivocally the voice acting and humour which does a lot for the game, as it always has. The action and craziness of what Saints Row has become known for, is still a large part of the game and if you are new to the series, you should have endless hours of mind-blowing, zombie like madcap fun.

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It is a great, fun title, but not completely new as far as this gamer is concerned. With Grand Theft Auto due for release in September, I am not sure gamers will go and buy this game when GTA is clearly going to be a better option (or at least after playing SR IV it may just be). If you are new to the series may enjoy it far more.

My Rating 7/10

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