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Gabe's corner with Watch Dogs: Hacking is your weapon


I don't know if you are as excited for the upcoming Watch Dog's game as I am, but if the videos are anything to go by, this is going to be a hit.

Let's start today's discussion by first looking at the trailer, "Hacking is your weapon". There are not many people that would be able to hack into someone else's life, but Aiden Pearce isn't like you and I.


So what is it all about?

Chicago set up a single new system known as CTOS which is used to monitor the city, its daily facilities, street camera's and various other aspects of the city's daily life and its inhabitants. In order to hack the system, a backdoor virus is inserted into the CTOS, and this can only be done district by district, which is essentially using the system of the area you are in, simply by the push of a button.


Hacking the system allows you to access nearly every form of technology you can, from someone's personal camera at home, their telephone calls, their passwords and bank accounts. It's quite evident, nothing is safe anymore.

Aiden is also able to access the city's Crime Prediction System which essentially allows you to predict the criminal activity in the city, and with the system you can also determine the possibility of someone committing a crime. The choice is yours however as to whether you want to intervene or simply ignore the threat and crime. The moral dilemma is there. Someone you could easily have hacked a few moments ago, is now in need of your assistance and you get to decide whether or not you want to or just walk away.


When you eventually get caught in a situation you need to get out of as the cops start chasing you, the very systems put in place for protection can be used to your desire. If you have cops on your tail, you can activate road blockers which pop out from the city streets to create a barrier between you and the chasing officers. You are even able to use traffic lights, underground steam pipes, raise bridges and short out electronic equipment, all to enable your escape. But if you ever find yourself surrounded by armed police, with you standing there and having almost no place to go, simply push that button to create a city wide blackout in order for you to escape into the shadows.


All of this action takes split second thinking and reaction, so it's fortunate then that Aiden has Focus Mode which assists with his reflexes in order to help him perform at his peak. You can do it all, use it all, even the L-Train to get away. Nothing seems beyond your reach as Aiden. What we take for granted, he uses to his advantage.

L Train.jpg

The remaining part's in the series will focus on other game play aspects from Watch Dogs, so look out for them. If this sample of the game is anything to go on, it is going to be breath-taking and action packed.

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