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Activision goes next-gen at Gamescom 2013

Activision is building the buzz around the next-generation of gaming at Gamescom 2013, with a stellar line-up of some of the most highly-anticipated games of the year.

“With the next-generation of consoles on the horizon, this is obviously an exciting time for gamers.” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.  “And there’s no better place to share the incredible slate of games we have coming than Gamescom, where our fans can get hands on with the games and really experience them. With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Destiny and Skylanders Swap Force on our slate, we think we're going to have some of the most talked about and anticipated games at the show."

The Activision booth will feature an interactive “Show Mode” experience that will display video and gameplay footage from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Destiny and Skylanders SWAP Force in a stunning panoramic 190° cinematic theatre experience.

Activision’s Gamescom slate includes:

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Ghosts ushers in the next generation of gaming for the record-setting franchise . Gamescom 2013 will see the largest ever presence at the annual European show for Call of Duty, with an innovative booth designed to give fans of the franchise the most immersive experience of the new game.

Hands on with multiplayer

Hot on the heels of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Global Multiplayer Reveal in Los Angeles on 14th August, Gamescom 2013 will feature the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer hands on world premiere, just for consumers. The massive footprint of stations is built for show attendees to get the first global opportunity to play the most anticipated game of the year. In partnership with Xbox and Twitch TV, Activision will deliver a Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Showcase event that will be live streamed from 18.00 CET on Wednesday 21st August. Hosted by Aceybongos and Major Nelson from Xbox, the live stream will feature live Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay from among some of the best pro players across Europe, interviews with the developers from Infinity Ward, and key details into some of the new features coming to Call of Duty this November. Tune in on the Xbox 360 dashboard or at Twitch for all the live action.

Next-gen eye candy

Call of Duty: Ghosts features an all-new world, setting and cast of characters, all powered by a new, next-generation engine. Thanks to the game’s new tech, Call of Duty: Ghosts not only showcases what’s possible on next gen, but will also deliver the best looking current gen version of the game possible. 

Release dates

The game is expected to release on 5th November, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U. The title will also release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a date to be named. 

Call of Duty: Ghosts Day One pre-order exclusives from

  • PC: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Day One Edition) Pre-Order DLC Incentive: Free Dynamic Map “Free Fall"
  • Xbox 360: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Day One Edition) Pre-Order now and receive a Call of Duty: Ghosts themed weapon camo for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • Xbox One: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Day One Edition)
  • PlayStation 3: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Day One Edition) Pre-Order now and receive a Call of Duty: Ghosts themed weapon camo for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • PlayStation 4: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Day One Edition)
  • Wii U: Call of Duty: Ghosts (DayOne Edition)

Check out Call of Duty Ghost Multiplayer materialises for even more game details.



Activision, in partnership with Bungie, will showcase Destiny, the next evolution in interactive entertainment that brings first-person action gamers together in a shared, persistent online world filled with sweeping adventures.

Biggest demo-theatre ever built

To match the epic feel of Destiny, the demo-theatre will be the biggest ever built in Gamescom history – 72ft in length, 43ft wide, and the height of a 3-storey house at 26ft high and with 192 seats and will showcase a seven-player live-demo set in Old Russia, bringing the buzz and experience from E3 straight to German fans for the first time.

Exclusive goodies

The theatre will be accompanied by a custom-built ‘Fallen’ statue, offering visitors to the booth a chance to create and upload their very own Destiny photo moment and the GameStop info booth will be offering limited edition Destiny t-shirts. Fans will also be able to get their hands on a series of exclusive Destiny trading cards by tracking down the giveaway points across the show, which includes the GameStop info booth and the Destiny theatre. 

“Out Here in the Wild” 

On the first day of the consumer show, Activision and Bungie will release a new ViDoc entitled “Out Here in the Wild” that gives viewers behind-the-scenes access to the creators of Destiny’s rich universe. In a story-driven universe, the Destiny saga unfolds through epic tales and adventures by immersing players in an ambitiously-connected new universe filled with cooperative, competitive, public and social activities. 

Developed for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. You can pre-order the game here.

Skylanders SWAP Force


The next iteration in Activision’s number one selling game for the first half of 2013[1] is delivering a whole new world of innovation with Skylanders SWAP Force, which introduces the groundbreaking new feature — dynamic swapability.

Unprecedented levels of choice

The pioneers of the toys-to-life genre are presenting kids and gamers with unprecedented levels of choice in how they explore Skylands and battle Kaos by swapping the top and bottom halves of the toys to transform 16 SWAP Force characters into more than 250 unique combinations

Get that T-shirt & play that game

Gamescom attendees visiting the Showmode in the Activision booth will have the chance to get hold of one of three exclusive T-shirts created especially for Gamescom. Visitors to SONY Computer Entertainment Deutschland booth in hall 7.1. will be able to play Skylanders SWAP Force on PS3 and PS4.

A next-gen world

Set in a richly detailed next generation world, Skylanders SWAP Force takes kids on an all-new adventure with 32 brand new heroic characters that each offer unique powers and personalities. The game also features new abilities – such as flying, climbing and teleporting – which can be used in special areas of Skylands.

The massive Skylander experience 

Additionally, fans can play with their entire collection of 100+, forward-compatible toys from both Skylanders Spyro’s AdventureTM and Skylanders Giants. 

Release dates

Skylanders SWAP Force is set to release in North America on 13th October, Australia on 16th October and Europe on 18th October.  Developed for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii and Nintendo 3DS and is rated PEGI 7.

Pre-order Skylanders SWAP Force Stater Pack from

Angry Birds Star Wars


Activision will be showing the classic Angry Birds Star Wars game, which brings together the fun and adventure of two legendary, award-winning franchises for new audiences to enjoy on home and handheld gaming consoles. Combining the engaging gameplay of Angry Birds with the beloved lore of the Star Wars universe, Angry Birds Star Wars delivers an epic saga featuring a ragtag group of familiar, feathered faces, iconic environments. Angry Birds Star Wars can be seen live on the Microsoft Xbox Booth.

Order Angry Birds Star Wars

Source: Games Press

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