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Nintendo steals tech for 3DS, gets the pants sued off


Nintendo has been ordered to pay a former employee millions of dollars as a result of being naughty and stealing his ideas. Seijiro Tomita is the inventor of the prototype that was used to create the Nintendo 3DS, which he showed to seven different Nintendo executives at a 2003 meeting. Four of these officials later went on to help develop the 3DS using patented 3D technology invented by Tomita, but without being polite and asking him first.

Tomita sued Nintendo in 2011 and won his court case in March of this year. He asked for a share of the profits made from selling the hand-held gaming device, specifically $9.80 per each unit sold, thus asking for a final amount of $30.2 million in damages. He didn’t get this much however, and Nintendo has ultimately been ordered to pay him the humble sum of $15.1 million.

It appears that this outcome is slightly controversial. United States District Judge Jed Rakoff of Manhattan New York said

"The jury’s damages award was at least twice as large as the amount a reasonable jury could have awarded based on the evidence presented at trial and thereby must have involved the degree of excessive speculation that shocks the judicial conscience."

Sensible guy.

Charlie Scibetta, a senior executive at Nintendo of America has stated that the company will appeal the jury’s verdict and apply for reduced damages.


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