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BeamNG DRIVE: Beautiful vehicular carnage


Welcome to BeamNG DRIVE. Prepare yourself, please, prepare yourself. This is probably the most realistic racing game you'll ever encounter. What's so special about it you ask? Well, it's extremely realistic for one thing. Not only is there damage model epic, but the car handling is possibly the most authentic I've seen in years. The last game to provide this kind of level of real physics was Richard Burns Rally by SCi Games, and 2004 was nearly nine years ago. RBR is still regarded as the best rally racing game out there. So that should tell you just how excited I am about this game.

Players will have the capability to create and modify their own cars, test their driving skills in exotic locations and pretty much mess around in a sandbox environment in vehicles ranging from small hatchbacks all the way to delivery vans. There will be driving missions and off-road challenges later on as well. It goes without saying that this game is probably best enjoyed with a decent steering wheel setup.

There is a paid public alpha version available if you're interested here and a free tech demo here.

Are you prepared for next-gen car physics? I hope so. Here's the video:

BeamNG DRIVE is currently being developed for the PC and has no set release date.

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