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I will be the first to admit that I absolutely cannot stand games that involve turn-based combat. If I’m going to fight something, I want to actively engage in the battle and hear the crunch of bones because I am a sick and twisted person. My brother Jo, however, actively enjoys this sort of thing. That’s why I asked him to get involved in reviewing Zombie Pandemic (which boasts more than 150 types of zombies!) as I thought he would give the game more of a fair chance. He very kindly agreed and this is his experience:

Zombie pandemic.JPG

Zombie Pandemic is a free-to-play (F2P) (or more accurately Pay2Win) Old School role-playing game (RPG), featuring random encounters, turn based combat and crafting, all the other things that Girls hate about RPG's (Read my sister's part of the article above :P)

The basic objective of the game is to escape the city by collecting items to build an overly elaborate getaway vehicle, in the forms of either a blimp, a glider or a Raft. Sounds simple enough, until you realise that each vehicle requires over 100 items to manufacture, and that you need 100 points invested in your Technical skill in order to build it, and that most of the items you need have an incredibly low drop rate. And that’s when you realise you're probably going to be stuck here for a while -_-

My experience of this game has been mildly schizophrenic at best. One minute I'm a lone survivor trudging the waste-land of a former thriving metropolis, trying to scavenge some old shirts and vodka in order to craft some bandages to heal myself after several unfortunate encounters with the City's new denizens and the next moment I'm having the developers desperate need for money shoved down my throat.

I understand that games are not made with the power of children's wishes, rainbows and that they require funding in order to create new content, however I do disapprove of F2P games that try coerce money out of you by making the game easier if you pay. For instance when you become incapacitated you lose experience in order to get up again OR you can pay money and revive scot-free. There's lots of these little things incorporated into gameplay from rerolling for item drops to crafting items instantly if you pay a fee. I feel that besides taking away from the atmosphere of the game somewhat, this also takes away from the challenge of gameplay as well.

Pay2Win Schemes aside, the gameplay is quite solid and the equipment system is hilarious, the best piece of "Armor" I've found in my short amount of gameplay time is a mini-skirt and a wig that give free Agility. And for your enjoyment, Ladies and Gentleman, Robert Downey Junior in a mini-skirt and a wig:


Play the game here.

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