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LITERAL Wolfenstein The New Order: Nazigem

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Toby "Tobuscus" Turner is one of my favorite comedian/musicians. This oddball takes popular video games and makes a complete mockery out of the title. His quirky humour, complete disregard for the srsbsns that is video games and razor sharp sarcasm - all set to a catchy tune will have you ROFLMAO and all that. Please take a break from whatever you doing and watch this display of genius, called LITERAL Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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Toby Turner was born in Mississippi to a family with 73 first cousins. He wishes that was a joke. After a few weeks of that, he packed up his diaper bag and fled the state. Unfortunately, it was too late - he was already named "Toby Joe Turner."

In 2010, Toby moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his lifelong dream of living in Los Angeles. His dream was achieved immediately upon arrival. Toby has performed at clubs across the country as a comedian and a musician. When he isn't channeling his humor on stage, he makes YouTube videos for his more than 3 million subscribers across 3 channels. His videos have been seen over 750 million times - mostly by his mom - and they range from sketches and comedic songs to 'vlogs' based on his standup. Buzz from his videos has led Toby to work with some major networks, including Microsoft, Gamestop, NBC, Disney, Fox, MTV, Sony Pictures, Spike, and others.

In 2011 Ubisoft sponsored Toby to go to E3 and interview 9 of their game developers. The resulting videos received over 17 million views. Toby is set to return to E3 with Ubisoft, and will also co-host their press release with Aisha Tyler. Toby was also commissioned to create an internationally broadcast television commercial for GameStop based on his Literal Trailer series, where he sings a song about a video game or movie trailer. His most successful web show to date is "Tobuscus Adventures" (an animated series).

There are currently 3 episodes, each of which have received an average of 4 million views. Toby has also released 3 comedy songs in 2011 and 2012 that have reached the #1 top comedy spot on iTunes in the US. Toby has starred in two features. One of which, "New Low," which was an official Sundance Selection in 2010. The other, "Smiley," is set to be released in 2012. Toby was recently cast as the only human character in the Cartoon Network show, "The Annoying Orange," which is set to premiere in June, 2012.

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