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Unnamed 101: Action steampunk in development

Unnamed 101 is a top down twin stick action role-playing game (RPG) with an engaging choice driven story set in an incredibly captivating steampunk universe. In development by HAIL Studio, Unnamed 101, promises some interesting gameplay features, with the most interesting one being - giving the player control over the storyline.

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The main character is half man, half steam powered machine. He wakes up at the start of the game with no memory, but finds that parts of his body have been replaced with mechanical components. With this new exoskeleton he has enhanced physical abilities and the possibility of augmenting his abilities and gadgets using the skeleton’s on board systems. Not only that, but the player also shows signs of possessing amazing telepathic and telekinetic abilities that allow the player to use his mind to affect the world around him. Over time the player must choose to spend resources to gain more mechanical might or invest in mental abilities. Choosing one side or the other means the player either becomes a master mechanic or an amazing mentalist.



Gameplay & Environment

The gameplay is about taking a twin stick style control scheme and melding it with the mechanics of iconic point and click PC role playing games, like Diablo and Torchlight. Unnamed 101 comes along with a “choose your own adventure” story and a style comic book where the decisions the player makes changes the story and even the gameplay itself. At the end of the game the player can view the comic book story as a whole and print it or even order a hard copy!

The unnamed main character, who we call U101, carries a gatling gun, a blunderbuss and an array of specialty gadgets and abilities to help control and defeat swarms of enemies. The player moves with the left thumb, fires the weapon with a button on the right and when the player wants more refined aiming he only has to move his thumb out away from the fire button and it becomes a virtual joystick for aiming.

"We love games with an engaging story and an expansive world. Which is why in Unnamed 101 we want to create the same sense of fun and immersion as a PC or console action RPG but take advantage of the mobile platform to make the best mobile action RPG to date." HAIL Studios


Unnamed 101 is at a 60% development stage and and on Kickstarter for funding the final stages of the game. If you contribute to the project, one of the game artists will turn a photo of you into a steampunk portrait. How epic would it be to have one of those! Follow this link for more details.

Unnamed 101 Kickstarter.JPG 

Depending on funding, Unnamed 101 will release early in 2014 for a mere $3 on iOs and Android devices.

Source: Unnamed 101 Kickstarter

Check out the Kickstarter reveal video for Unnamed 101


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