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20 things you didn't know about the PlayStation 4

So apparently there was still more to know about the PlayStation 4 than what was said at E3. A lot more. Specifically, 20 more bits of information, according to a recently released video from Sony. Admittedly some of those points are kind of just there to make up the number 20, but there are some interesting reveals in there that are sweetening the appeal of the PlayStation 4 by a large margin. Points 2, 3 and 12, by themselves are pulling my credit card out of my wallet and 15, 16 aren't helping my financial situation either. Check the vid itself out on top and if its too fast for you, you read it down below.

1. PlayStation Dynamic Menu is replacing the XMB.

2. 500GB HDD, can be replaced and upgraded. This is an especially useful feature. With the emphasis moving toward digital gaming, not to mention other digital media, being able to drop a two terabyte drive into the PS4 will be really convenient.

3. Log onto any PS4, access your games and purchases from any machine as long as you are signed in. Basically this was one of the Xbox One's most touted features, and which was subsequently dropped alongside the controversial 24-hour check-in and second-hand Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. Well it looks like PS4 has it, without all those negative features.

4. You can ‘nominate’ one PlayStation 4 as your home machine, with your content always available on that one system, even to other users (including PlayStation Plus).

5. Comes with an HDMI cable.

6. Not region locked.


7. PlayStation Camera can shoot in 3D and in high quality.

8. PlayStation Camera has four microphones for accurate sound detection and source origination.

9. Video Unlimited will stream movies on the PlayStation 4, meaning that your dedicated gaming system can moonlight as pseudo-DSTV decoder.

10. You’ll be able to switch instantly between playing a game and apps in most situations. So no waiting for one thing to close, before you can start something else.

11. The Touch Pad on the DualShock 4 is a button.

12. The PlayStation App available for iOS and Android is set to launch close to the PS4's launch, will turn you phones and tablets into second screens.If it's used creatively, it may just put the kibosh on the Wii U's only unique selling point.

13. The PS4 has Cross Game Chat.

14. PS4 has always-on video compression and decompression systems, constantly processing your last few minutes of gameplay for easy sharing, even uploading it in the background.


15. PS4 has suspend mode, which means you can jump back into a game easily.

16. PS4 does updates and downloads in the background, or suspend mode, which means the system addresses my biggest complaint about the PS3. The constant firmware updates and installations were a massive barrier to the enjoyment of owning a PS3, but with this feature, it won't be a concern in the next generation.

17. PS4 will use Gaikai to stream “the best” PS3 games, with more legacy titles planned to be added later.

18. Existing PS+ memberships carry over to PlayStation 4, with a new game being added each month.

19. Sony Pictures Entertainment is working on new, original programming for the PlayStation 4.

20. There’s more than 140 games in development for PS4.

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