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Joburg vs Cape Town - eSports Showdown with MWEB and MSSA

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Joburg vs Cape Town: FIFA13 and Black Ops 2

MWEB Gaming and MSSA (Mind Sport South Africa) are hosting the first ever eSports inter-regional championship, live on Friday 19 July at the MWEB Cape Town auditorium in Parow. There will be one event where invited guests will get to support their city as the best players in Cape Town take on the best players in Joburg in the ultimate test of skill in COD Black Ops 2 and FIFA13. The matches will stream live with commentary from the MCave in Cape Town and The Hive in Joburg.

“We are proud to be hosting such a momentous event,” says Desmond Kurz, Online Gaming Manager of MWEB Gaming. “COD Black Ops 2 and FIFA 13 were chosen as they are two top titles used in competitive gaming in South Africa and internationally. A team from South Africa was even sent to compete at the Call of Duty Championships in Los Angeles for a share of $1million in April.”

MWEB is a known supporter of the local gaming scene and provides gamers with the uncapped, unthrottled ADSL connection needed to effectively compete in online gaming. Demanding only the best speed, latency and stability in their connection, with over 65 000 online gamers active in an average month, MWEB is clearly meeting these needs.  MWEB has uncapped, unthrottled ADSL available with local gaming servers and packages optimised specifically for gaming and this network is what will be making this first ever online regional event possible.

“MWEB gets gamers,” says Kurz. ”And we are proud to be able to support them in every way, from providing them with the best possible connectivity and local servers, to keeping them engaged and up-to-date on the industry and all things gaming on our MWEB GameZone platform, to hosting unique gaming events such as the upcoming inter-regionals. I can’t wait to support our players in these matches and be part of yet another gaming first!”

This North versus South inter-regional competition is the culmination of months of the MSSA's regional and provincial championships, where the best and the brightest have been competing to be recognised as the top players in their city or province. The regional championship events to determine the best Cape Town team for Black Ops 2 was held in May and for FIFA13, is due to be held on 14 July. Johannesburg had their provincial championships to find their top players in both games at the end of March.

“In a gaming market set to spend an estimated R1.41 billion on 2013, up from the R1.33 billion in 2012, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Media and Entertainment Outlook there is huge excitement to see who the top players in South Africa will be,” says Kurz.  “Like any big sporting event, the atmosphere is going to be electrifying! Guests will be dressed to support their city in either red for Joburg or Blue for Cape Town; live commentators keeping the crowd going with the help of top local DJ group, Whatisfiction, two big screens where all the action will be screened live; drinks, food and loads of prizes to be won.”

eSports Awards Ceremony

The MWEB North Versus South Inter-regional event will begin with a short Awards Ceremony where top local gamers will be receiving their Colours.  Under the MSSA; who is affiliated with the SASCOC (South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee) and recognised by the Department of Sport and Recreation; Mind Sports was upgraded to a tier 1 sport this year, giving it the same recognition as rugby, cricket, swimming and hockey. As a member of SASCOC, all the games promoted by MSSA are also accredited as national sports.

The recognition of eSports as a sport impacts students on several levels. School going gamers are eligible to get Regional colours, which earns them a half colours blazer, Provincial colours which will get them a full colours blazer and Protea colours which entitles them to an honours blazer; some Universities who have eSports clubs even offer bursaries.

“There has been a massive shift in the way gamers and games are viewed,” says Kurz. “There used to be a pre-conception that people who played games were slackers in some way and should be out playing ‘real’ sports and we are thrilled to have been able to support driving the industry forward to the point where the hard work and effort gamers put into improving their skills is finally getting the respect it deserves and the games they focus on are recognised as sports in their own right.”

Win a Seat at the Inter-Regionals

There are 20 seats up for grabs to this event and you can grab one by participating in our “Tweet for your Seat” campaign! To be entered into the draw, send a tweet to @MWEBGMZ for the city you are supporting with a fun photo, blue for Cape Town, red for Joburg and make sure you include the hashtag #MWEBNorthvsSouth. You have until 1pm on Wednesday, July 17 to enter. Winners will be announced on the MWEB GameZone site at 2pm.  Since the venue is Cape Town, the competition is only open to those who will be in Cape Town on 19 July.

For more information on MWEB Gaming check out the new addition to MWEB GameZone site or join our community on @MWEBGMZ or

For more information on the MSSA check out


About MWEB

Since 1997, MWEB has been championing a free web in South Africa. It has led the industry from the start with the introduction of the Internet to South Africans to the launch of South Africa’s first Uncapped ADSL product. Today, MWEB provides Internet connectivity and solutions for home users, business owners and large corporates.

Dedicated to constantly driving change in the industry and deploying world class research and development teams, MWEB is focused on removing all barriers to Internet connectivity and services to positively impact its customers and broaden the South African Internet landscape.

MWEB is owned by JSE-listed MultiChoice South Africa Holdings Limited, a Naspers Limited subsidiary that has more than 30% Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment shareholders.

About Mind Sports South Africa

Through Mind Sports South Africa, gamers have earned Protea Colours for eSports since 2005, and an official Protea Team has been able to participate in international championships every year since such date.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) was founded in 1985 and is an association which is run by its member clubs as an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee.

The MSSA is responsible for the good governance and promotion of Board games (such as Backgammon, Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba, etc.), Card games, eSports (whether they are played on ‘cell phones, Sony® PSP’s, personal computers or similar), and Historical figure games (also known as wargames)

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