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Top gaming site co-founder dies at age 34


Ryan Davis, age 34, was the co-founder of Giant Bomb and a former employer of Gamespot. Giant Bomb reported that he died last week, but didn't mention the cause of death.

I followed this guy for years, was my first official introduction to Ryan,I knew him and the giant bomb crew was something special. Funny enough, I used to watch videos of him on gamespot and never made the connection untill much later. Ryan was awesome to watch, listen to and learn from. He was literally a video gaming journalist people wanted to be like. I cannot actually comprehend the loss and even though I have never met the man personally, I feel a pain in my chest that I have never felt in a long time.

He has left a hole in my heart which will never be filled, in the years to come I will remember this man as one of the greats and I will always mourn his passing. Rest in peace Ryan Davis, you will be missed by many.

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